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Practical guide to immunotherapy in castration resistant prostate cancer: the use of sipuleucel-T immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Training grant on Vaccines and Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases and CancerGrant Why?
T-cell based immunotherapy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Basic principles of immunotherapy for neurologic diseases.Academic Article Why?
The role of allergen immunotherapy in the respiratory complications of quadriplegia.Academic Article Why?
A systematic approach to biomarker discovery; preamble to "the iSBTc-FDA taskforce on immunotherapy biomarkers".Academic Article Why?
Adenovirus-mediated expression of melanoma antigen gp75 as immunotherapy for metastatic melanoma.Academic Article Why?
GUCY2C-targeted cancer immunotherapy: past, present and future.Academic Article Why?
Human antibodies for immunotherapy development generated via a human B cell hybridoma technology.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy for lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy in autoimmune neuromuscular disorders.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy of basal cell carcinoma: evolving approaches.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy of myositis: issues, concerns and future prospects.Academic Article Why?
Interleukin 10 in the tumor microenvironment: a target for anticancer immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Intraperitoneal immunotherapy: historical perspectives and modern therapy.Academic Article Why?
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