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Development and function of CD94-deficient natural killer cells.Academic Article Why?
Studying NK cell responses to ectromelia virus infections in mice.Academic Article Why?
Sigal, LuisPerson Why?
A role for NKG2D in NK cell-mediated resistance to poxvirus disease.Academic Article Why?
Polymicrobial sepsis influences NK-cell-mediated immunity by diminishing NK-cell-intrinsic receptor-mediated effector responses to viral ligands or infections.Academic Article Why?
Age-dependent susceptibility to a viral disease due to decreased natural killer cell numbers and trafficking.Academic Article Why?
CD94 is essential for NK cell-mediated resistance to a lethal viral disease.Academic Article Why?
Common variable immunodeficiency and inclusion body myositis: a distinct myopathy mediated by natural killer cells.Academic Article Why?
Enhanced NK-cell development and function in BCAP-deficient mice.Academic Article Why?
FimH can directly activate human and murine natural killer cells via TLR4.Academic Article Why?
a2ß1 Integrin Is Required for Optimal NK Cell Proliferation during Viral Infection but Not for Acquisition of Effector Functions or NK Cell-Mediated Virus Control.Academic Article Why?
Aggressive natural killer-cell leukemia: Classical presentation of a rare disease.Academic Article Why?
Chronic Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis infection causes susceptibility to mousepox and impairs Natural Killer cell maturation and function.Academic Article Why?
Correction: NK cell-derived GM-CSF potentiates inflammatory arthritis and is negatively regulated by CIS.Academic Article Why?
Effect of the disintegrin eristostatin on melanoma-natural killer cell interactions.Academic Article Why?
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