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Name Institution Why
Dr. Charles BockJefferson University - East Falls Campus Why?
Roger ArmenThomas Jefferson University Why?
Tatyana PolenovaUniversity of Delaware Why?
Charles G RiordanUniversity of Delaware Why?
Pooja SinghThomas Jefferson University Why?
Brian J BahnsonUniversity of Delaware Why?
Richard SchmidtThomas Jefferson University Why?
Douglas J DorenUniversity of Delaware Why?
Zhihao ZhuangUniversity of Delaware Why?
Darrin J PochanUniversity of Delaware Why?
Mr. Matthew Milkevitch Ph.DJefferson University - East Falls Campus Why?
Peter HuweThomas Jefferson University Why?
Manuel CovarrubiasThomas Jefferson University Why?
John F RaboltUniversity of Delaware Why?
Ulrich RodeckThomas Jefferson University Why?
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  • Hydrogen Bonding
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