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Name Institution Why
Ryan TomlinsonThomas Jefferson University Why?
Slobodan JaricUniversity of Delaware Why?
Randall Lyle DuncanUniversity of Delaware Why?
Paul BrayThomas Jefferson University Why?
Leonard EdelsteinThomas Jefferson University Why?
Stuart Binder-MacleodUniversity of Delaware Why?
Edward MacarakThomas Jefferson University Why?
Todd D RoyerUniversity of Delaware Why?
Paul DimuzioThomas Jefferson University Why?
Thomas S BuchananUniversity of Delaware Why?
Renato IozzoThomas Jefferson University Why?
Srikanth NagallaThomas Jefferson University Why?
Steven J StanhopeUniversity of Delaware Why?
Joseph A. ZeniUniversity of Delaware Why?
John F RaboltUniversity of Delaware Why?
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  • Stress Mechanical
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