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Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Simulation techniques in hyperthermia treatment planning.
Academic Article Thermal modelling using discrete vasculature for thermal therapy: A review.
Academic Article Automatic temperature controller for multielement array hyperthermia systems.
Academic Article Effective learning strategies for real-time image-guided adaptive control of multiple-source hyperthermia applicators.
Academic Article Modeling the detectability of vesicoureteral reflux using microwave radiometry.
Academic Article Can we settle with single-band radiometric temperature monitoring during hyperthermia treatment of chestwall recurrence of breast cancer using a dual-mode transceiving applicator?
Academic Article Design and optimization of an ultra wideband and compact microwave antenna for radiometric monitoring of brain temperature.
Academic Article Detection of vesicoureteral reflux using microwave radiometry-system characterization with tissue phantoms.
Academic Article Nonparametric 1-D temperature restoration in lossy media using Tikhonov regularization on sparse radiometry data.
Academic Article Vesicoureteral reflux in children: a phantom study of microwave heating and radiometric thermometry of pediatric bladder.
Academic Article Fast temperature optimization of multi-source hyperthermia applicators with reduced-order modeling of 'virtual sources'.
Academic Article The performance of a reduced-order adaptive controller when used in multi-antenna hyperthermia treatments with nonlinear temperature-dependent perfusion.
Academic Article Characteristics of microstrip muscle-loaded single-arm Archimedean spiral antennas as investigated by FDTD numerical computations.
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