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Concept Delivery of Health Care
Concept Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)
Concept Quality Assurance, Health Care
Concept Quality of Health Care
Concept Outcome Assessment (Health Care)
Concept Health Care Reform
Concept Health Care Surveys
Academic Article A brief instrument to measure attitudes of medical students toward changes in the health care system.
Academic Article Editorial: empathy and health care quality.
Academic Article Physicians' perceptions of the changing health care system: comparisons by gender and specialties.
Academic Article The staging concept--an approach to the assessment of outcome of ambulatory care.
Academic Article Clinical outcomes management and disease staging.
Academic Article Evaluation of ambulatory care.
Academic Article The changing health care system. A research agenda for medical education.
Academic Article The problem of late hospitalization: a quality and cost issue.
Academic Article Impact of a DRG-based hospital financing system on quality and outcomes of care in Italy.
Academic Article Patient mix and utilization of resources.
Academic Article Measuring the contribution of medical education to patient care: a review.
Academic Article Rebuttals to critics of studies of the decline of empathy.
Academic Article [Social responsibilities of medical schools].
Academic Article Medical education, social accountability and patient outcomes.
Academic Article Disease staging. Applications for utilization review and quality assurance.
Academic Article A comment on "domain of practice and the quality of physician performance".
Academic Article Evaluation of competence, performance, and health care: 1979.
Academic Article Physicians' responsibilities and outcomes of medical care.
Academic Article Patterns of hospital care and physician perspectives from an Italian, Japanese, and USA hospital.
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