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Academic Article Caveolin-1 and mitochondrial SOD2 (MnSOD) function as tumor suppressors in the stromal microenvironment: a new genetically tractable model for human cancer associated fibroblasts.
Academic Article Decorin antagonizes IGF receptor I (IGF-IR) function by interfering with IGF-IR activity and attenuating downstream signaling.
Academic Article In vivo selective and distant killing of cancer cells using adenovirus-mediated decorin gene transfer.
Academic Article Stimulation of human colonic epithelial cells by leukemia inhibitory factor is dependent on collagen-embedded fibroblasts in organotypic culture.
Academic Article Effect of altered matrix proteins on quasilinear viscoelastic properties in transgenic mouse tail tendons.
Academic Article Endorepellin causes endothelial cell disassembly of actin cytoskeleton and focal adhesions through alpha2beta1 integrin.
Academic Article Investigating tendon fascicle structure-function relationships in a transgenic-age mouse model using multiple regression models.
Academic Article Decorin evokes protracted internalization and degradation of the epidermal growth factor receptor via caveolar endocytosis.
Academic Article Perlecan proteolysis induces an alpha2beta1 integrin- and Src family kinase-dependent anti-apoptotic pathway in fibroblasts in the absence of focal adhesion kinase activation.
Academic Article Decorin-transforming growth factor- interaction regulates matrix organization and mechanical characteristics of three-dimensional collagen matrices.
Academic Article Biological functions of the small leucine-rich proteoglycans: from genetics to signal transduction.
Academic Article Diverse cell signaling events modulated by perlecan.
Academic Article A central role for decorin during vertebrate convergent extension.
Academic Article Proteoglycans: structure, function, and role in neoplasia.
Academic Article Turnover of heparan sulfate proteoglycan in human colon carcinoma cells. A quantitative biochemical and autoradiographic study.
Academic Article There is binding of collagen IV to beta 1 integrin during early skin basement membrane assembly.
Academic Article Fibroblast growth factor-2.
Academic Article Fibroblast growth factor-binding protein is a novel partner for perlecan protein core.
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