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Concept Antigens
Concept Antigens, Differentiation, B-Lymphocyte
Concept Receptors, Antigen, B-Cell
Concept Receptors, Antigen, T-Cell
Concept Antigens, CD
Concept Antigen Presentation
Concept Antigens, CD19
Concept Antigens, CD34
Concept Ki-67 Antigen
Concept Antigens, Nuclear
Academic Article Expression of cellular FLIP by B cells is required for their participation in an immune response.
Academic Article Direct reduction of antigen receptor expression in polyclonal B cell populations developing in vivo results in light chain receptor editing.
Academic Article Characteristics of Borrelia hermsii infection in human hematopoietic stem cell-engrafted mice mirror those of human relapsing fever.
Academic Article Cutting edge: macrophages are required for localization of antigen-activated B cells to the follicular perimeter and the subsequent germinal center response.
Academic Article Level of B cell antigen receptor surface expression influences both positive and negative selection of B cells during primary development.
Academic Article Differential expression of the inhibitory IgG Fc receptor FcgammaRIIB on germinal center cells: implications for selection of high-affinity B cells.
Academic Article Dominant, hierarchical induction of peripheral tolerance during foreign antigen-driven B cell development.
Academic Article Normal induction but attenuated progression of germinal center responses in BAFF and BAFF-R signaling-deficient mice.
Academic Article Progressive surface B cell antigen receptor down-regulation accompanies efficient development of antinuclear antigen B cells to mature, follicular phenotype.
Academic Article Antibody specific for the peptide.major histocompatibility complex. Is it T cell receptor-like?
Academic Article Antinuclear antigen B cells that down-regulate surface B cell receptor during development to mature, follicular phenotype do not display features of anergy in vitro.
Academic Article Failed up-regulation of the inhibitory IgG Fc receptor Fc gamma RIIB on germinal center B cells in autoimmune-prone mice is not associated with deletion polymorphisms in the promoter region of the Fc gamma RIIB gene.
Academic Article The Fas-associated death domain protein is required in apoptosis and TLR-induced proliferative responses in B cells.
Academic Article FcgammaRIIB regulates autoreactive primary antibody-forming cell, but not germinal center B cell, activity.
Academic Article Autoantigen-B cell antigen receptor interactions that regulate expression of B cell antigen receptor Loci.
Academic Article Quantitatively reduced participation of anti-nuclear antigen B cells that down-regulate B cell receptor during primary development in the germinal center/memory B cell response to foreign antigen.
Academic Article Primary development and participation in a foreign antigen-driven immune response of a chromatin-reactive B cell clonotype are not influenced by TLR9 or other MyD88-dependent TLRs.
Academic Article Influence of Fas on the regulation of the response of an anti-nuclear antigen B cell clonotype to foreign antigen.
Academic Article Influence of B cell antigen receptor expression level on pathways of B cell tolerance induction.
Academic Article The lupus susceptibility locus Sle1 breaches peripheral B cell tolerance at the antibody-forming cell and germinal center checkpoints.
Grant Regulation of Persistent Antibody Responses by FC Receptors
Grant Anti-polysaccharide antibody responses in humanized mice
Grant Regulation of Persistent Ab Responses by Fc Receptors
Grant Antigen-driven B cell development at the follicular perimeter
Grant Negative Selective of Autoreactive Antibodies
Grant A New Model for Studying Antigen-driven B cell Tolerance
Grant Negative selection of autoreactive antibodies
Grant Effect of IL-7 on B cell development and function in humanized mice
Grant Stem cell origins of human fetal/neonatal B cell subsets
Academic Article Strongyloides stercoralis and HTLV-1 coinfection in CD34+ cord blood stem cell humanized mice: Alteration of cytokine responses and enhancement of larval growth.
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