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Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article A mathematical model that predicts skeletal muscle force.
Academic Article A phenomenological model that predicts forces generated when electrical stimulation is superimposed on submaximal volitional contractions.
Academic Article Two-step, predictive, isometric force model tested on data from human and rat muscles.
Academic Article Using submaximal contractions to predict the maximum force-generating ability of muscles.
Academic Article Development of a mathematical model that predicts optimal muscle activation patterns by using brief trains.
Academic Article A predictive model of fatigue in human skeletal muscles.
Academic Article Metabolic costs of isometric force generation and maintenance of human skeletal muscle.
Academic Article Modeling the length dependence of isometric force in human quadriceps muscles.
Academic Article A predictive fatigue model--I: Predicting the effect of stimulation frequency and pattern on fatigue.
Academic Article A predictive fatigue model--II: Predicting the effect of resting times on fatigue.
Academic Article Predictability of maximum voluntary isometric knee extension force from submaximal contractions in older adults.
Academic Article Mathematical model that predicts isometric muscle forces for individuals with spinal cord injuries.
Academic Article Predicting optimal electrical stimulation for repetitive human muscle activation.
Academic Article Effects of activation pattern on nonisometric human skeletal muscle performance.
Academic Article Using customized rate-coding and recruitment strategies to maintain forces during repetitive activation of human muscles.
Academic Article Predicting muscle forces of individuals with hemiparesis following stroke.
Academic Article Twitch interpolation a valid measure with misinterpreted meaning.
Academic Article A predictive mathematical model of muscle forces for children with cerebral palsy.
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