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Concept Blood Flow Velocity
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Concept Blood Vessels
Academic Article PTEN: not just a tumor suppressor.
Academic Article Application of 1D blood flow models of the human arterial network to differential pressure predictions.
Academic Article Calcium- and integrin-binding protein 1 regulates megakaryocyte ploidy, adhesion, and migration.
Academic Article JAM-A protects from thrombosis by suppressing integrin aIIbß3-dependent outside-in signaling in platelets.
Academic Article Characterization and chromosomal localization of JAM-1, a platelet receptor for a stimulatory monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Association of CIB with GPIIb/IIIa during outside-in signaling is required for platelet spreading on fibrinogen.
Academic Article Signaling through JAM-1 and alphavbeta3 is required for the angiogenic action of bFGF: dissociation of the JAM-1 and alphavbeta3 complex.
Academic Article Calcium-and integrin-binding protein regulates focal adhesion kinase activity during platelet spreading on immobilized fibrinogen.
Academic Article Fibroblast growth factor-2 failed to induce angiogenesis in junctional adhesion molecule-A-deficient mice.
Academic Article Cytoplasmic binding partners of the platelet integrin alphaIIb beta3.
Academic Article Megakaryopoiesis: transcriptional insights into megakaryocyte maturation.
Academic Article CIB1 deficiency results in impaired thrombosis: the potential role of CIB1 in outside-in signaling through integrin alpha IIb beta 3.
Academic Article Lyn and PKCdelta order SHIP1 embargo.
Academic Article Junctional adhesion molecule-A suppresses platelet integrin aIIbß3 signaling by recruiting Csk to the integrin-c-Src complex.
Academic Article Bacteria exploit platelets.
Grant Modulation of integrin function by cytoplasmic signals
Grant Endogenous suppression of integrin signaling
Grant Role of JAM Family in Angiogenesis
Academic Article Ask1 regulates murine platelet granule secretion, thromboxane A2 generation, and thrombus formation.
Academic Article GRK6 regulates the hemostatic response to injury through its rate-limiting effects on GPCR signaling in platelets.
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