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Academic Article The changing face of the general surgeon: national and local trends in resident operative experience.
Academic Article Continuous noninvasive tissue oximetry in the early evaluation of the combat casualty: a prospective study.
Academic Article Current practice of thermoregulation during the transport of combat wounded.
Academic Article Current US military operations and implications for military surgical training.
Academic Article High-velocity penetrating thoracic trauma with suspected cardiac involvement in a combat support hospital.
Academic Article The economic costs of obesity and the impact of bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Research and analytics in combat trauma care: converting data and experience to practical guidelines.
Academic Article Combat trauma experience with the United States Army 102nd Forward Surgical Team in Afghanistan.
Academic Article Extremity vascular injuries on the battlefield: tips for surgeons deploying to war.
Academic Article United States military surgical response to modern large-scale conflicts: the ongoing evolution of a trauma system.
Academic Article Colon and rectal injuries during Operation Iraqi Freedom: are there any changing trends in management or outcome?
Academic Article Mass casualties in combat: lessons learned.
Academic Article Training physicians for combat casualty care on the modern battlefield.
Academic Article Fresh whole blood transfusions in coalition military, foreign national, and enemy combatant patients during Operation Iraqi Freedom at a U.S. combat support hospital.
Academic Article The effect of recombinant activated factor VII on mortality in combat-related casualties with severe trauma and massive transfusion.
Academic Article Selective nonoperative management of penetrating torso injury from combat fragmentation wounds.
Academic Article Prehospital tourniquet use in Operation Iraqi Freedom: effect on hemorrhage control and outcomes.
Academic Article Effect of plasma and red blood cell transfusions on survival in patients with combat related traumatic injuries.
Academic Article The ratio of fibrinogen to red cells transfused affects survival in casualties receiving massive transfusions at an army combat support hospital.
Academic Article Damage control resuscitation: a sensible approach to the exsanguinating surgical patient.
Academic Article Penetrating trauma to the external genitalia in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Academic Article An analysis of in-hospital deaths at a modern combat support hospital.
Academic Article Socioeconomic disparities in eligibility and access to bariatric surgery: a national population-based analysis.
Academic Article Major General Malcolm C. Grow, M.D. (1887-1960) Soldier, Surgeon, Airman.
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