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Academic Article The role of toll-like receptors in the induction of immune responses during rabies virus infection.
Academic Article Postexposure treatment with the live-attenuated rabies virus (RV) vaccine TriGAS triggers the clearance of wild-type RV from the Central Nervous System (CNS) through the rapid induction of genes relevant to adaptive immunity in CNS tissues.
Academic Article Intramuscular Inoculation of Mice with the Live-Attenuated Recombinant Rabies Virus TriGAS Results in a Transient Infection of the Draining Lymph Nodes and a Robust, Long-Lasting Protective Immune Response against Rabies.
Academic Article Borna disease virus-induced accumulation of macrophage migration inhibitory factor in rat brain astrocytes is associated with inhibition of macrophage infiltration.
Academic Article Live and killed rhabdovirus-based vectors as potential hepatitis C vaccines.
Academic Article Overexpression of the rabies virus glycoprotein results in enhancement of apoptosis and antiviral immune response.
Academic Article New approaches to the development of live attenuated rabies vaccines.
Academic Article The rabies virus glycoprotein determines the distribution of different rabies virus strains in the brain.
Academic Article Function and glycosylation of plant-derived antiviral monoclonal antibody.
Academic Article Development of a cocktail of recombinant-expressed human rabies virus-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies for postexposure prophylaxis of rabies.
Academic Article New approaches to the prevention and eradication of rabies.
Academic Article Glycoprotein of nonpathogenic rabies viruses is a key determinant of human cell apoptosis.
Academic Article Cell-type-specific gene delivery into neuronal cells in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article Covalently linked human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp120/gp41 is stably anchored in rhabdovirus particles and exposes critical neutralizing epitopes.
Academic Article Glycoprotein of nonpathogenic rabies viruses is a major inducer of apoptosis in human jurkat T cells.
Academic Article Rabies virus nucleoprotein as a carrier for foreign antigens.
Academic Article Neuropeptide Y up-regulation in cerebrocortical neurons after Borna Disease Virus infection is unrelated to brain inflammation in rats.
Academic Article Rabies transmission from organ transplants in the USA.
Academic Article Identification of viral genomic elements responsible for rabies virus neuroinvasiveness.
Academic Article In vitro growth and stability of recombinant rabies viruses designed for vaccination of wildlife.
Academic Article Immunogenicity study of glycoprotein-deficient rabies virus expressing simian/human immunodeficiency virus SHIV89.6P envelope in a rhesus macaque.
Academic Article Novel rabies virus-neutralizing epitope recognized by human monoclonal antibody: fine mapping and escape mutant analysis.
Academic Article The application of reverse genetics technology in the study of rabies virus (RV) pathogenesis and for the development of novel RV vaccines.
Academic Article A single immunization with a rhabdovirus-based vector expressing severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) S protein results in the production of high levels of SARS-CoV-neutralizing antibodies.
Academic Article Oral vaccination of dogs with recombinant rabies virus vaccines.
Academic Article The human antibody repertoire specific for rabies virus glycoprotein as selected from immune libraries.
Academic Article Novel human monoclonal antibody combination effectively neutralizing natural rabies virus variants and individual in vitro escape mutants.
Academic Article A single amino acid change in rabies virus glycoprotein increases virus spread and enhances virus pathogenicity.
Academic Article Overexpression of tumor necrosis factor alpha by a recombinant rabies virus attenuates replication in neurons and prevents lethal infection in mice.
Academic Article Comparison of an anti-rabies human monoclonal antibody combination with human polyclonal anti-rabies immune globulin.
Academic Article Rabies virus glycoprotein as a carrier for anthrax protective antigen.
Academic Article A single immunization with a recombinant canine adenovirus expressing the rabies virus G protein confers protective immunity against rabies in mice.
Academic Article Highly attenuated rabies virus-based vaccine vectors expressing simian-human immunodeficiency virus89.6P Env and simian immunodeficiency virusmac239 Gag are safe in rhesus macaques and protect from an AIDS-like disease.
Academic Article Dominance of a nonpathogenic glycoprotein gene over a pathogenic glycoprotein gene in rabies virus.
Academic Article Oral vaccination of raccoons (Procyon lotor) with genetically modified rabies virus vaccines.
Academic Article Infection of monocytes or immature dendritic cells (DCs) with an attenuated rabies virus results in DC maturation and a strong activation of the NFkappaB signaling pathway.
Academic Article The glycoprotein and the matrix protein of rabies virus affect pathogenicity by regulating viral replication and facilitating cell-to-cell spread.
Academic Article Immune modulating effect by a phosphoprotein-deleted rabies virus vaccine vector expressing two copies of the rabies virus glycoprotein gene.
Academic Article Intravenous inoculation of a bat-associated rabies virus causes lethal encephalopathy in mice through invasion of the brain via neurosecretory hypothalamic fibers.
Academic Article Effective preexposure and postexposure prophylaxis of rabies with a highly attenuated recombinant rabies virus.
Academic Article Development of a mouse monoclonal antibody cocktail for post-exposure rabies prophylaxis in humans.
Academic Article Limited Brain Metabolism Changes Differentiate between the Progression and Clearance of Rabies Virus.
Academic Article Pathogenicity and Immunogenicity of Recombinant Rabies Viruses Expressing the Lagos Bat Virus Matrix and Glycoprotein: Perspectives for a Pan-Lyssavirus Vaccine.
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