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Academic Article Comparing image processing techniques for improved 3-dimensional ultrasound imaging.
Academic Article Preserving enhancement in freeze-dried contrast agent ST68: Examination of excipients.
Academic Article Material characterization of the encapsulation of an ultrasound contrast microbubble and its subharmonic response: strain-softening interfacial elasticity model.
Academic Article Static and dynamic cumulative maximum intensity display mode for subharmonic breast imaging: a comparative study with mammographic and conventional ultrasound techniques.
Academic Article Advanced ultrasound techniques for breast imaging.
Academic Article Contrast enhanced maximum intensity projection ultrasound imaging for assessing angiogenesis in murine glioma and breast tumor models: A comparative study.
Academic Article Parametric imaging using subharmonic signals from ultrasound contrast agents in patients with breast lesions.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging of sentinel lymph nodes after peritumoral administration of Sonazoid in a melanoma tumor animal model.
Academic Article Modeling subharmonic response from contrast microbubbles as a function of ambient static pressure.
Academic Article Subharmonic contrast microbubble signals for noninvasive pressure estimation under static and dynamic flow conditions.
Academic Article Noninvasive estimation of dynamic pressures in vitro and in vivo using the subharmonic response from microbubbles.
Academic Article Parametric subharmonic imaging using a commercial intravascular ultrasound scanner: an in vivo feasibility study.
Academic Article Three-dimensional subharmonic ultrasound imaging in vitro and in vivo.
Academic Article New image processing technique for evaluating breast microcalcifications: a comparative study.
Academic Article Processing of subharmonic signals from ultrasound contrast agents to determine ambient pressures.
Academic Article Perfusion Estimation Using Contrast-Enhanced 3-dimensional Subharmonic Ultrasound Imaging: An In Vivo Study.
Academic Article High-frequency Doppler US of the prostate: effect of patient position.
Academic Article Hepatic tumor detection: MR imaging and conventional US versus pulse-inversion harmonic US of NC100100 during its reticuloendothelial system-specific phase.
Academic Article Comparing contrast-enhanced ultrasound to immunohistochemical markers of angiogenesis in a human melanoma xenograft model: preliminary results.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced transrectal ultrasonography of a novel canine prostate cancer model.
Academic Article Power Doppler assessment of vascular changes during fracture treatment with low-intensity ultrasound.
Academic Article ROC analysis of ultrasound tissue characterization classifiers for breast cancer diagnosis.
Academic Article Malignant and benign breast tissue classification performance using a scatterer structure preclassifier.
Academic Article Classification of breast masses in ultrasonic B scans using Nakagami and K distributions.
Academic Article Computer-aided classification of breast masses in ultrasonic B-scans using a multiparameter approach.
Academic Article Sentinel lymph nodes in a swine model with melanoma: contrast-enhanced lymphatic US.
Academic Article Diagnosing breast lesions with contrast-enhanced 3-dimensional power Doppler imaging.
Academic Article Image enhancement by acoustic conditioning of ultrasound contrast agents.
Academic Article Breast tissue characterization using FARMA modeling of ultrasonic RF echo.
Academic Article On the usefulness of the mechanical index displayed on clinical ultrasound scanners for predicting contrast microbubble destruction.
Academic Article Contrast-enhanced sonographic imaging of lymphatic channels and sentinel lymph nodes.
Academic Article Real-time excitation-enhanced ultrasound contrast imaging.
Academic Article Surfactant-stabilized contrast agent on the nanoscale for diagnostic ultrasound imaging.
Academic Article In vivo destruction of ultrasound contrast microbubbles is independent of the mechanical index.
Academic Article Detection of breast lesion regions in ultrasound images using wavelets and order statistics.
Academic Article Comparison of in vitro and in vivo acoustic response of a novel 50:50 PLGA contrast agent.
Academic Article The influence of acoustic transmit parameters on the destruction of contrast microbubbles in vitro.
Academic Article Contrast enhanced ultrasound for radio frequency ablation of canine prostates: initial results.
Academic Article Breast lesions: imaging with contrast-enhanced subharmonic US--initial experience.
Academic Article Contrast enhanced ultrasound flash replenishment method for directed prostate biopsies.
Academic Article Canine prostate: contrast-enhanced US-guided radiofrequency ablation with urethral and neurovascular cooling--initial experience.
Academic Article Comparing contrast-enhanced color flow imaging and pathological measures of breast lesion vascularity.
Academic Article Novel automated motion compensation technique for producing cumulative maximum intensity subharmonic images.
Academic Article Preclinical acute toxicology study of surfactant-stabilized ultrasound contrast agents in adult rats.
Academic Article The antiangiogenic effects of a vascular endothelial growth factor decoy receptor can be monitored in vivo using contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of vascular heterogeneity in breast lesions using contrast-enhanced 3-D harmonic and subharmonic ultrasound imaging.
Academic Article Recent technological advancements in cardiac ultrasound imaging.
Academic Article Monitoring Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer by Using Three-dimensional Subharmonic Aided Pressure Estimation and Imaging with US Contrast Agents: Preliminary Experience.
Academic Article Contrast-Enhanced Subharmonic Aided Pressure Estimation (SHAPE) using Ultrasound Imaging with a Focus on Identifying Portal Hypertension.
Academic Article Diagnosis of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome using Shear Wave Elastography and High-frequency Ultrasound Imaging.
Academic Article Gemcitabine-loaded microbubble system for ultrasound imaging and therapy.
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