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Concept Rabies virus
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Concept Vesicular stomatitis Indiana virus
Concept Virus Diseases
Concept Virus Replication
Concept Simian Immunodeficiency Virus
Concept Virus Assembly
Concept Virus Internalization
Academic Article Characterization of a single-cycle rabies virus-based vaccine vector.
Academic Article Experimental rabies vaccines for humans.
Academic Article Investigating the Role for IL-21 in Rabies Virus Vaccine-induced Immunity.
Academic Article B cell infection and activation by rabies virus-based vaccines.
Academic Article Reinvestigating the Role of IgM in Rabies Virus Postexposure Vaccination.
Academic Article Live and killed rhabdovirus-based vectors as potential hepatitis C vaccines.
Academic Article Overexpression of the rabies virus glycoprotein results in enhancement of apoptosis and antiviral immune response.
Academic Article Second-generation rabies virus-based vaccine vectors expressing human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gag have greatly reduced pathogenicity but are highly immunogenic.
Academic Article Functional human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Gag-Pol or HIV-1 Gag-Pol and env expressed from a single rhabdovirus-based vaccine vector genome.
Academic Article Covalently linked human immunodeficiency virus type 1 gp120/gp41 is stably anchored in rhabdovirus particles and exposes critical neutralizing epitopes.
Academic Article Budding of PPxY-containing rhabdoviruses is not dependent on host proteins TGS101 and VPS4A.
Academic Article Rabies virus nucleoprotein as a carrier for foreign antigens.
Academic Article Strong cellular and humoral anti-HIV Env immune responses induced by a heterologous rhabdoviral prime-boost approach.
Academic Article siRNA targeting vaccinia virus double-stranded RNA binding protein [E3L] exerts potent antiviral effects.
Academic Article Rabies virus glycoprotein as a carrier for anthrax protective antigen.
Academic Article A single immunization with a recombinant canine adenovirus expressing the rabies virus G protein confers protective immunity against rabies in mice.
Academic Article Highly attenuated rabies virus-based vaccine vectors expressing simian-human immunodeficiency virus89.6P Env and simian immunodeficiency virusmac239 Gag are safe in rhesus macaques and protect from an AIDS-like disease.
Academic Article Infection of monocytes or immature dendritic cells (DCs) with an attenuated rabies virus results in DC maturation and a strong activation of the NFkappaB signaling pathway.
Academic Article Immune modulating effect by a phosphoprotein-deleted rabies virus vaccine vector expressing two copies of the rabies virus glycoprotein gene.
Academic Article Interferon-beta expressed by a rabies virus-based HIV-1 vaccine vector serves as a molecular adjuvant and decreases pathogenicity.
Academic Article Replication-deficient rabies virus-based vaccines are safe and immunogenic in mice and nonhuman primates.
Academic Article Rabies virus-based vaccines elicit neutralizing antibodies, poly-functional CD8+ T cell, and protect rhesus macaques from AIDS-like disease after SIV(mac251) challenge.
Academic Article The cell biology of rabies virus: using stealth to reach the brain.
Academic Article ICAM-1-Based Rabies Virus Vaccine Shows Increased Infection and Activation of Primary Murine B Cells In Vitro and Enhanced Antibody Titers In-Vivo.
Academic Article Safety and serological response to a matrix gene-deleted rabies virus-based vaccine vector in dogs.
Academic Article A Bivalent, Chimeric Rabies Virus Expressing Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Envelope Induces Multifunctional Antibody Responses.
Academic Article Comparison of Heterologous Prime-Boost Strategies against Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Gag Using Negative Stranded RNA Viruses.
Grant Replication-deficient rabies vectors against rabies infection
Grant Second Generation Rabies Vaccines
Grant Human Rabies Virus Vaccine Development
Grant Development of a single-dose rabies vaccine
Grant Human Rabies Virus Vaccine Development
Grant Development of a single-dose rabies virus vaccine
Grant Novel rabies virus vaccines that exploit innate immune signals
Grant Antibody Responses to a Novel HIV-1 Vaccine Vector
Grant Development of Rabies-based Virus-like Particles
Academic Article Incorporating B cell activating factor (BAFF) into the membrane of rabies virus (RABV) particles improves the speed and magnitude of vaccine-induced antibody responses.
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