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Academic Article Extent of spontaneous motor recovery after traumatic cervical sensorimotor complete spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Recovery of ambulation in motor-incomplete tetraplegia.
Academic Article The reproducibility and convergent validity of the walking index for spinal cord injury (WISCI) in chronic spinal cord injury.
Academic Article The Walking Index for Spinal Cord Injury (WISCI/WISCI II): nature, metric properties, use and misuse.
Academic Article The management of neurogenic bladder and sexual dysfunction after spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Establishing prognosis and maximizing functional outcomes after spinal cord injury: a review of current and future directions in rehabilitation management.
Academic Article Prevalence of upper motor neuron vs lower motor neuron lesions in complete lower thoracic and lumbar spinal cord injuries.
Academic Article Patient selection for clinical trials: the reliability of the early spinal cord injury examination.
Academic Article A view of the future Model Spinal Cord Injury System through the prism of past achievements and current challenges.
Academic Article Spinal shock revisited: a four-phase model.
Academic Article Prognostic value of pinprick preservation in motor complete, sensory incomplete spinal cord injury.
Academic Article Neurological and functional capacity outcome measures: essential to spinal cord injury clinical trials.
Academic Article The assessment of walking capacity using the walking index for spinal cord injury: self-selected versus maximal levels.
Academic Article Walking index for spinal cord injury version 2 (WISCI-II) with repeatability of the 10-m walk time: Inter- and intrarater reliabilities.
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