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Concept Diagnosis, Differential
Academic Article Immunotherapy of myositis: issues, concerns and future prospects.
Academic Article HLA allele distribution distinguishes sporadic inclusion body myositis from hereditary inclusion body myopathies.
Academic Article Biomarkers in the diagnosis and therapy of CIDP: Proceedings of the Biomarkers Faculty Meeting; June 8-9, 2010, Athens, Greece.
Academic Article Advances in the diagnosis, pathogenesis and treatment of CIDP.
Academic Article Pathomechanisms of inflammatory myopathies: recent advances and implications for diagnosis and therapies.
Academic Article Post-polio syndrome: concepts in clinical diagnosis, pathogenesis, and etiology.
Academic Article Mitochondrial myopathy caused by long-term zidovudine therapy.
Academic Article Neuromuscular diseases associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection.
Academic Article Polymyositis and dermatomyositis.
Academic Article Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy.
Academic Article Inflammatory and toxic myopathies.
Academic Article The future prospects in the classification, diagnosis and therapies of inflammatory myopathies: a view to the future from the "bench-to-bedside".
Academic Article Sporadic inclusion body myositis--diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapeutic strategies.
Academic Article Ill-defined neurological syndromes with autoimmune background: a diagnostic challenge.
Academic Article Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Immune-mediated Neuropathies.
Academic Article Necrotising autoimmune myopathy (NAM): antibodies seem to be specific markers in aiding diagnosis.
Academic Article Advances in the diagnosis, immunopathogenesis and therapies of IgM-anti-MAG antibody-mediated neuropathies.
Academic Article Inflammatory myopathies: update on diagnosis, pathogenesis and therapies, and COVID-19-related implications.
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