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The Role of m6A-RNA Methylation in Memory Formation and Recall and Its Modulation and Influence on Long-Term Outcomes as a Consequence of Early Life Lead Exposure.Grant Why?
[Role of arginine methylation in the Piwi-interacting RNA pathway].Academic Article Why?
Chakravarti, NitinPerson Why?
Inter- and intra-individual variation in allele-specific DNA methylation and gene expression in children conceived using assisted reproductive technology.Academic Article Why?
Schneider, JayPerson Why?
Hou, Ya-MingPerson Why?
Kirino, YoheiPerson Why?
Arginine methylation of Piwi proteins catalysed by dPRMT5 is required for Ago3 and Aub stability.Academic Article Why?
Conservation of structure and mechanism by Trm5 enzymes.Academic Article Why?
Mechanism of N-methylation by the tRNA m1G37 methyltransferase Trm5.Academic Article Why?
Loss of N1-methylation of G37 in tRNA induces ribosome stalling and reprograms gene expression.Academic Article Why?
Arginine methylation of vasa protein is conserved across phyla.Academic Article Why?
Early Life Environment Modifies Behavioral, Epigenetic, and Transcriptional Outcomes from Developmental Lead ExposureGrant Why?
Recognition of guanosine by dissimilar tRNA methyltransferases.Academic Article Why?
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