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Physical Chromosome MappingConcept Why?
Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip: Linkage Mapping and Whole Exome Sequencing Identify a Shared Variant in CX3CR1 in All Affected Members of a Large Multigeneration Family.Academic Article Why?
Linkage Mapping and Whole Exome Sequencing Identify a Shared Variant in CX3CR1 in a Large Multi-Generation Family.Academic Article Why?
A detailed physical map of the 6p reading disability locus, including new markers and confirmation of recombination suppression.Academic Article Why?
Association of the ADAM33 gene with asthma and bronchial hyperresponsiveness.Academic Article Why?
Chromosomal mapping of cell death proteases CPP32, MCH2, and MCH3.Academic Article Why?
Genetic analysis of inherited hydrocephalus in a rat model.Academic Article Why?
Genomic approaches to DNA repair and mutagenesis.Academic Article Why?
Location of the 9257 and ataxia mutations on mouse chromosome 18.Academic Article Why?
Mapping Mammary Tumor Traits in the Rat.Academic Article Why?
MicroRNA genes are frequently located near mouse cancer susceptibility loci.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative trait locus for seizure susceptibility on mouse chromosome 5 confirmed with reciprocal congenic strains.Academic Article Why?
Quantitative trait locus on distal chromosome 1 regulates the occurrence of spontaneous spike-wave discharges in DBA/2 mice.Academic Article Why?
Rabbit calcium-sensing receptor (CASR) gene: chromosome location and evidence for related genes.Academic Article Why?
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