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Practical guide to immunotherapy in castration resistant prostate cancer: the use of sipuleucel-T immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Training grant on Vaccines and Immunotherapies for Infectious Diseases and CancerGrant Why?
Dalakas, MarinosPerson Why?
T-cell based immunotherapy in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and multiple sclerosis.Academic Article Why?
Basic principles of immunotherapy for neurologic diseases.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy for lung cancer.Academic Article Why?
A systematic approach to biomarker discovery; preamble to "the iSBTc-FDA taskforce on immunotherapy biomarkers".Academic Article Why?
GUCY2C-targeted cancer immunotherapy: past, present and future.Academic Article Why?
Human antibodies for immunotherapy development generated via a human B cell hybridoma technology.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy in autoimmune neuromuscular disorders.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy of basal cell carcinoma: evolving approaches.Academic Article Why?
Immunotherapy of myositis: issues, concerns and future prospects.Academic Article Why?
Interleukin 10 in the tumor microenvironment: a target for anticancer immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Microsatellite-Stable Tumors with High Mutational Burden Benefit from Immunotherapy.Academic Article Why?
Oncogene-targeted antisense oligodeoxynucleotides combined with chemotherapy or immunotherapy: a new approach for tumor treatment?Academic Article Why?
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