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Early Career Outcomes following a Quality Improvement Leadership Track in Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Fellow Versus Resident: Graduate Medical Education and Patient Outcomes After Anterior Cervical Diskectomy and Fusion Surgery.Academic Article Why?
Innovative Scheduling Solutions for Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Patient Safety Escape Room: A Graduate Medical Education Simulation for Event Reporting.Academic Article Why?
Reflections on a Crisis in Graduate Medical Education: The Closure of Hahnemann University Hospital.Academic Article Why?
The role of the medical school in rural graduate medical education: pipeline or control valve?Academic Article Why?
The Year in Graduate Medical Education: Selected Highlights From 2021.Academic Article Why?
What's Important: Integrating Undergraduate and Graduate Medical Education in Orthopaedics: Pathways for Change.Academic Article Why?
Education, Medical, GraduateConcept Why?
Bridging the Gap: A Framework and Strategies for Integrating the Quality and Safety Mission of Teaching Hospitals and Graduate Medical Education.Academic Article Why?
Development and Implementation of an International Virtual Didactic Series for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Graduate Medical Education During COVID-19.Academic Article Why?
Winokur, RonaldPerson Why?
Tchantchaleishvili, VakhtangPerson Why?
Myers, JenniferPerson Why?
Integrating Training in Quality Improvement and Health Equity in Graduate Medical Education: Two Curricula for the Price of One.Academic Article Why?
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