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Analysis of novel tumor markers in pancreatic and biliary carcinomas using tissue microarrays.Academic Article Why?
ASCO 2006 update of recommendations for the use of tumor markers in gastrointestinal cancer.Academic Article Why?
Beyond PSA: utility of novel tumor markers in the setting of elevated PSA.Academic Article Why?
Cancer biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
Discovery of novel tumor markers of pancreatic cancer using global gene expression technology.Academic Article Why?
NCCN Task Force report: Evaluating the clinical utility of tumor markers in oncology.Academic Article Why?
Understanding the Value of Tumor Markers in Pediatric Ovarian Neoplasms.Academic Article Why?
Validation of new cancer biomarkers: a position statement from the European group on tumor markers.Academic Article Why?
Inflammatory breast cancer biomarkers and biology.Academic Article Why?
Economics of cancer biomarkers.Academic Article Why?
The State of the Science on Prostate Cancer Biomarkers: The San Francisco Consensus Statement.Academic Article Why?
Biomarkers, TumorConcept Why?
A model for the design and construction of a resource for the validation of prognostic prostate cancer biomarkers: the Canary Prostate Cancer Tissue Microarray.Academic Article Why?
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