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Non-Randomized Controlled Trials as TopicConcept Why?
Randomized Controlled Trials as TopicConcept Why?
Deans, KatherinePerson Why?
Mamas, MamasPerson Why?
Daskalakis, ConstantinePerson Why?
A comparison of visual field progression criteria of 3 major glaucoma trials in early manifest glaucoma trial patients.Academic Article Why?
A guide to handling missing data in cost-effectiveness analysis conducted within randomised controlled trials.Academic Article Why?
Access site selection for primary PCI: the evidence for transradial access is strong.Academic Article Why?
Adherence to the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors' (ICMJE) prospective registration policy and implications for outcome integrity: a cross-sectional analysis of trials published in high-impact specialty society journals.Academic Article Why?
An Internet-ready database for prospective randomized clinical trials of high-dose-rate brachytherapy for adenocarcinoma of the prostate.Academic Article Why?
Androgen deprivation therapy and competing risks.Academic Article Why?
Antenatal corticosteroids trial in preterm births to increase neonatal survival in developing countries: study protocol.Academic Article Why?
Assessing the measure of a new drug: is survival the only thing that matters?Academic Article Why?
Blood pressure management in the wake of SPRINT.Academic Article Why?
Characteristics of Heart?Failure Trials Associated With Under-Representation of Women as Lead Authors.Academic Article Why?
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