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Exploring the Impact of Storytelling on Storytellers in a Hepatitis B Health Communication Context.Academic Article Why?
Health CommunicationConcept Why?
Entertainment-Education Campaigns and COVID-19: How Three Global Organizations Adapted the Health Communication Strategy for Pandemic Response and Takeaways for the Future.Academic Article Why?
Riley, AmyPerson Why?
"This is public health: recycling counts!" Description of a pilot health communications campaign.Academic Article Why?
Awareness of anticancer vaccines among Asian American women with limited english proficiency: an opportunity for improved public health communication.Academic Article Why?
Capsule Commentary on White et al., The Partnership to Improve Diabetes Education Trial: a Cluster Randomized Trial Addressing Health Communication in Diabetes Care.Academic Article Why?
Narrative Health Communication and Behavior Change: The Influence of Exemplars in the News on Intention to Quit Smoking.Academic Article Why?
A randomized controlled trial of communication training with primary care providers to improve patient-centeredness and health risk communication.Academic Article Why?
Best Practices of Social Media for the Clinician.Academic Article Why?
Cardiovascular health literacy and patient-physician communication intervention in women from disadvantaged communities.Academic Article Why?
Encoded Exposure and Social Norms in Entertainment-Education.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of Internet Information About Rotator Cuff Repair.Academic Article Why?
Improving Medical Communication in Migraine Management: A Modified Delphi Study to Develop a Digital Migraine Tracker.Academic Article Why?
Non-pharmaceutical Interventions and the Infodemic on Twitter: Lessons Learned from Italy during the Covid-19 Pandemic.Academic Article Why?
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