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Constrained S-estimators for linear mixed effects models with covariance components.Academic Article Why?
Multiple imputation of missing repeated outcome measurements did not add to linear mixed-effects models.Academic Article Why?
Chervoneva, InnaPerson Why?
Raichlen, JoelPerson Why?
Analysis of weight loss after bariatric surgery using mixed-effects linear modeling.Academic Article Why?
Diffusion, mixing, and associated dye effects in DNA-microarray hybridizations.Academic Article Why?
Jimenez, SergioPerson Why?
Barach, PaulPerson Why?
Lenhoff, AbrahamPerson Why?
Pressman, GreggPerson Why?
Dicker, AdamPerson Why?
Nadkarni, VinayPerson Why?
Jutkowitz, EricPerson Why?
Schuman, JoelPerson Why?
Papoutsakis, EleftheriosPerson Why?
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