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A Program Evaluation of Behavioral Health Integration in a Freestanding Birth Center.Academic Article Why?
Program EvaluationConcept Why?
"This is public health: recycling counts!" Description of a pilot health communications campaign.Academic Article Why?
A pre-post study of a multi-country scale up of resuscitation training of facility birth attendants: does Helping Babies Breathe training save lives?Academic Article Why?
Assessment of microvascular anastomosis training in otolaryngology residencies: survey of United States program directors.Academic Article Why?
Evaluation of the virtual mentor cataract training program.Academic Article Why?
Interprofessional education: a review and analysis of programs from three academic health centers.Academic Article Why?
Prostate cancer risk assessment program: a 10-year update of cancer detection.Academic Article Why?
Riley, AmyPerson Why?
Use and effectiveness of pharmacy continuing-education materials.Academic Article Why?
Utilizing Participatory Research to Engage Underserved Populations to Improve Health-Related Outcomes in Delaware.Academic Article Why?
Orsega-Smith, ElizabethPerson Why?
Using the Omaha System to document the wellness needs of the elderly.Academic Article Why?
Giri, VedaPerson Why?
A recruitment and retention program that works!Academic Article Why?
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