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Factors Affecting Psychiatry Resident Decision to Pursue Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry or Other Subspecialty Fellowship Training.Academic Article Why?
Academic performance of psychiatrists compared to other specialists before, during, and after medical school.Academic Article Why?
The tipping point from private practice to publicly funded settings for early- and mid-career psychiatrists.Academic Article Why?
A four factor model of systems-based practices in psychiatry.Academic Article Why?
ACGME research requirements for residents in psychiatry.Academic Article Why?
Measuring adverse outcomes in inpatient psychiatry: the reliability of nurse recall.Academic Article Why?
Medical Student Experiences on Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry Rotations: A Nationwide Survey.Academic Article Why?
Religion and Psychiatry in the Age of Neuroscience.Academic Article Why?
Adolescent PsychiatryConcept Why?
Biological PsychiatryConcept Why?
Child PsychiatryConcept Why?
Community PsychiatryConcept Why?
Diagnosis, Dual (Psychiatry)Concept Why?
Forensic PsychiatryConcept Why?
Geriatric PsychiatryConcept Why?
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