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Towards a conceptual description of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.Academic Article Why?
How does globalization of the specialty of physical medicine and rehabilitation impact U.S. physiatrists?Academic Article Why?
Melvin, JohnPerson Why?
The International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: a unifying model for the conceptual description of physical and rehabilitation medicine.Academic Article Why?
Developing the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPM). Foreword.Academic Article Why?
What are the implications of accountable care organizations for physical medicine and rehabilitation practices?Academic Article Why?
Entrustable Professional Activities For Residency Training in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.Academic Article Why?
The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine: The way forward - II.Academic Article Why?
Physical and Rehabilitation MedicineConcept Why?
Rehabilitation MedicineDepartment Why?
Chapter 1: Achievements and challenges of ISPRM.Academic Article Why?
Chapter 2: ISPRM's way forward.Academic Article Why?
Chapter 3: International non-governmental organizations in the emerging world society: the example of ISPRM.Academic Article Why?
Chapter 4: A policy process and tools for international non-governmental organizations in the health sector using ISPRM as a case in point.Academic Article Why?
Chapter 5: Organizational structures suited to ISPRM's evolving role as an international non-governmental organization in official relation with the world health organization.Academic Article Why?
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