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Behavioral economics-A framework for donor organ decision-making in pediatric heart transplantation.Academic Article Why?
Preparing women experiencing symptoms of menopause for shared decision making about treatment.Academic Article Why?
Shared decision making process measures and patient problems.Academic Article Why?
An fMRI examination of developmental differences in the neural correlates of uncertainty and decision-making.Academic Article Why?
Child and Parent Access to Transplant Information and Involvement in Treatment Decision Making.Academic Article Why?
Collegial pressure and patient-centered shared-decision making: A case-based ethics discussion.Academic Article Why?
Decision making in contemporary shoulder arthroplasty.Academic Article Why?
Development and revision of the Wittmann-Price Emancipated Decision-Making Scale.Academic Article Why?
Dyadic Decision-Making in Advanced Parkinson's Disease: A Mixed Methods Study.Academic Article Why?
Education and decision making at the time of triptan prescribing: patient expectations vs actual practice.Academic Article Why?
Emancipation in decision-making in women's health care.Academic Article Why?
End of life decision-making for cancer patients.Academic Article Why?
End-of-life medical decision-making for children in custody: A collaborative, multi-stakeholder practical approach.Academic Article Why?
Engaging Multidisciplinary Stakeholders to Drive Shared Decision-Making in Oncology.Academic Article Why?
Exploring the subconcepts of the Wittmann-Price theory of emancipated decision-making in women's health care.Academic Article Why?
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