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Concept Colorectal Neoplasms
Academic Article Guanylyl cyclase C as a biomarker for targeted imaging and therapy of metastatic colorectal cancer.
Academic Article GUCY2C-targeted cancer immunotherapy: past, present and future.
Academic Article Epitope-targeted cytotoxic T cells mediate lineage-specific antitumor efficacy induced by the cancer mucosa antigen GUCY2C.
Academic Article Bacterial heat-stable enterotoxins: translation of pathogenic peptides into novel targeted diagnostics and therapeutics.
Academic Article Colorectal cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Cytokine adjuvanation of therapeutic anti-tumor immunity targeted to cancer mucosa antigens.
Academic Article Translating colorectal cancer prevention through the guanylyl cyclase C signaling axis.
Academic Article Intestinal GUCY2C Prevents TGF-ß Secretion Coordinating Desmoplasia and Hyperproliferation in Colorectal Cancer.
Academic Article Tumor Radiation Therapy Creates Therapeutic Vaccine Responses to the Colorectal Cancer Antigen GUCY2C.
Academic Article GUCY2C lysosomotropic endocytosis delivers immunotoxin therapy to metastatic colorectal cancer.
Academic Article The Paracrine Hormone for the GUCY2C Tumor Suppressor, Guanylin, Is Universally Lost in Colorectal Cancer.
Academic Article Obesity-Induced Colorectal Cancer Is Driven by Caloric Silencing of the Guanylin-GUCY2C Paracrine Signaling Axis.
Academic Article Guanylyl Cyclase C Hormone Axis at the Intersection of Obesity and Colorectal Cancer.
Academic Article GUCY2C-directed CAR-T cells oppose colorectal cancer metastases without autoimmunity.
Academic Article Could targeting T-helper cells aid the development of effective cancer vaccines?
Academic Article Guanylate cyclase C as a target for prevention, detection, and therapy in colorectal cancer.
Academic Article Preclinical Evaluation of a Replication-Deficient Recombinant Adenovirus Serotype 5 Vaccine Expressing Guanylate Cyclase C and the PADRE T-helper Epitope.
Academic Article Prime-Boost Immunization Eliminates Metastatic Colorectal Cancer by Producing High-Avidity Effector CD8+ T Cells.
Academic Article Immunotherapy regimens for metastatic colorectal carcinomas.
Academic Article The Heat-Stable Enterotoxin Receptor, Guanylyl Cyclase C, as a Pharmacological Target in Colorectal Cancer Immunotherapy: A Bench-to-Bedside Current Report.
Academic Article Human GUCY2C-Targeted Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-Expressing T Cells Eliminate Colorectal Cancer Metastases.
Academic Article Non-thermal plasma induces immunogenic cell death in vivo in murine CT26 colorectal tumors.
Academic Article Biomarker targeting of colorectal cancer stem cells.
Academic Article Stem cells as therapeutic targets in colorectal cancer.
Academic Article The shifting paradigm of colorectal cancer treatment: a look into emerging cancer stem cell-directed therapeutics to lead the charge toward complete remission.
Academic Article GUCY2C as a biomarker to target precision therapies for patients with colorectal cancer.
Academic Article A ß-Catenin-TCF-Sensitive Locus Control Region Mediates GUCY2C Ligand Loss in Colorectal Cancer.
Academic Article T-Cell Responses to Immunodominant Listeria Epitopes Limit Vaccine-Directed Responses to the Colorectal Cancer Antigen, Guanylyl Cyclase C.
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