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Academic Article Physician orders contribute to high-tech imaging slowdown.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of coronary CT angiography in evaluation of patients without symptoms who have positive stress test results.
Academic Article Trends in the utilization of outpatient advanced imaging after the deficit reduction act.
Academic Article Radiation dose in a "triple rule-out" coronary CT angiography protocol of emergency department patients using 64-MDCT: the impact of ECG-based tube current modulation on age, sex, and body mass index.
Academic Article Cardiac risk factors and risk scores vs cardiac computed tomography angiography: a prospective cohort study for triage of ED patients with acute chest pain.
Academic Article The diversion of outpatient echocardiography from private offices to higher cost hospital facilities: an unanticipated effect of code bundling.
Academic Article Radiation oncology services in the modern era: evolving patterns of usage and payments in the office setting for medicare patients from 2000 to 2010.
Academic Article Trends in outpatient MRI seem to reflect recent reimbursement cuts.
Academic Article The Shift in Outpatient Advanced Imaging From Private Offices to Hospital Facilities.
Academic Article A Large State Medicaid Outpatient Advanced Imaging Utilization Management Program: Substantial Savings Without the Need for Denials.
Academic Article Establishing a strategic commercial partnership for an outpatient imaging center/not staying active clinically as an academic department chair.
Academic Article Coronary CT Angiography: Use in Patients With Chest Pain Presenting to Emergency Departments.
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