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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Quantitative functional MR imaging of the visual cortex at 1.5 T as a function of luminance contrast in healthy volunteers and patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article BOLD fMRI of the visual cortex: quantitative responses measured with a graded stimulus at 1.5 Tesla.
Academic Article Brain mapping of deception and truth telling about an ecologically valid situation: functional MR imaging and polygraph investigation--initial experience.
Academic Article Cerebral activation during the test of spinal cord injury severity in children: an FMRI methodological study.
Academic Article Central nervous system findings on functional magnetic resonance imaging in patients before and after treatment with anticholinergic medication.
Academic Article Diffusion tensor imaging and fiber-tracking in Marchiafava-Bignami disease.
Academic Article Functional MRI of sensory motor cortex: comparison between finger-to-thumb and hand squeeze tasks.
Academic Article Application of voxelwise analysis in the detection of regions of reduced fractional anisotropy in multiple sclerosis patients.
Academic Article Serum and MRI biomarkers in mobile device texting: a pilot study.
Academic Article TWave: high-order analysis of functional MRI.
Academic Article Technical considerations for functional magnetic resonance imaging analysis.
Academic Article Diffusion tensor imaging of the hippocampal formation in temporal lobe epilepsy.
Academic Article Small mammal MRI imaging in spinal cord injury: a novel practical technique for using a 1.5 T MRI.
Academic Article Where am I? The neurological correlates of self and other.
Academic Article Incidental findings during functional magnetic resonance imaging: ethical and procedural issues.
Academic Article Prenatal tobacco exposure predicts differential brain function during working memory in early adolescence: a preliminary investigation.
Academic Article Response inhibition among early adolescents prenatally exposed to tobacco: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Contagious yawning and the brain.
Academic Article Sex differences in the neural correlates of child facial resemblance: an event-related fMRI study.
Academic Article An fMRI study of the activation of the hippocampus by emotional memory.
Academic Article Brain activation in restrained and unrestrained eaters: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Diffusion tensor imaging in pediatric transverse myelitis: a case study.
Academic Article Integrated zone comparison polygraph technique accuracy with scoring algorithms.
Academic Article Letter: Evaluation of Diffusion Tensor Imaging-Based Tractography of the Corticospinal Tract: A Correlative Study with Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Direct Electrical Subcortical Stimulation.
Academic Article The extensor carpi ulnaris pseudolesion: evaluation with microCT, histology, and MRI.
Academic Article An fMRI Study of the Effects of Vibroacoustic Stimulation on Functional Connectivity in Patients with Insomnia.
Academic Article Resting-State Functional MRI Metrics in Patients With Chronic Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Their Association With Clinical Cognitive Performance.
Academic Article DTI of chronic spinal cord injury in children without MRI abnormalities (SCIWOMR) and with pathology on MRI and comparison to severity of motor impairment.
Academic Article A large, curated, open-source stroke neuroimaging dataset to improve lesion segmentation algorithms.
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