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Concept Lung Neoplasms
Academic Article Lung Cancer Diagnosis by Fine Needle Aspiration Is Associated With Reduction in Resection of Nonmalignant Lung Nodules.
Academic Article Lung Cancer in the Older Patient.
Academic Article Global Epidemiology of Lung Cancer.
Academic Article The Case for Patient Navigation in Lung Cancer Screening in Vulnerable Populations: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article The lung-enriched p53 mutants V157F and R158L/P regulate a gain of function transcriptome in lung cancer.
Academic Article Black patients referred to a lung cancer screening program experience lower rates of screening and longer time to follow-up.
Academic Article Racial disparities in occupational risks and lung cancer incidence: Analysis of the National Lung Screening Trial.
Academic Article Association of Race With Lung Cancer Risk Among Adults Undergoing Lung Cancer Screening.
Academic Article Racial Differences in Lung Cancer Screening Beliefs and Screening Adherence.
Academic Article Facility-level national trends in racial disparities of surgical therapy for early-stage lung cancer.
Academic Article Variation in Adherence to Lung Cancer Screening Among Vulnerable Populations.
Academic Article Now Is the Time to Make Screening for Lung Cancer Reportable.
Academic Article Estimating Eligibility for Lung Cancer Screening by Neighborhood in Philadelphia Using Previous and Current USPSTF Guidelines.
Academic Article Molecular lung cancer: How targeted therapies and personalized medicine are re-defining cancer care.
Academic Article Detection of lung carcinoma arising from ground glass opacities (GGO) after 5 years - A retrospective review.
Academic Article Outreach to primary care patients in lung cancer screening: A randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Frequency of Statin Prescription Among Individuals with Coronary Artery Calcifications Detected Through Lung Cancer Screening.
Academic Article Analysis of Lung Cancer Screening by Race After USPSTF Expansion of Screening Eligibility in 2021.
Academic Article Racial difference in BMI and lung cancer diagnosis: analysis of the National Lung Screening Trial.
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