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Concept Microbial Sensitivity Tests
Academic Article Synthesis and antibacterial activity of nocathiacin I analogues.
Academic Article In vitro activity of a new isothiazoloquinolone, ACH-702, against Mycobacterium tuberculosis and other mycobacteria.
Academic Article In vitro antituberculosis activities of ACH-702, a novel isothiazoloquinolone, against quinolone-susceptible and quinolone-resistant isolates.
Academic Article In vitro and in vivo activities of a novel cephalosporin, BMS-247243, against methicillin-resistant and -susceptible staphylococci.
Academic Article In vitro and in vivo antibacterial activities of heteroaryl isothiazolones against resistant gram-positive pathogens.
Academic Article Dual targeting of DNA gyrase and topoisomerase IV: target interactions of heteroaryl isothiazolones in Staphylococcus aureus.
Academic Article Exploration of the activity of 7-pyrrolidino-8-methoxyisothiazoloquinolones against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).
Academic Article In vitro and in vivo profiles of ACH-702, an isothiazoloquinolone, against bacterial pathogens.
Academic Article Discovery of the first antibacterial small molecule inhibitors of MurB.
Academic Article Novel semi-synthetic nocathiacin antibiotics: synthesis and antibacterial activity of bis- and mono-O-alkylated derivatives.
Academic Article Synthesis and antibacterial activity of O-substituted nocathiacin I derivatives.
Academic Article Bactericidal activity of ACH-702 against nondividing and biofilm Staphylococci.
Academic Article Syntheses and biological studies of novel spiropiperazinyl oxazolidinone antibacterial agents using a spirocyclic diene derived acylnitroso Diels-Alder reaction.
Academic Article Mechanistic assessment of DNA ligase as an antibacterial target in Staphylococcus aureus.
Academic Article Antimicrobial evaluation of nocathiacins, a thiazole peptide class of antibiotics.
Academic Article Nocathiacin I analogues: synthesis, in vitro and in vivo biological activity of novel semi-synthetic thiazolyl peptide antibiotics.
Academic Article Synthesis, in vitro, and in vivo antibacterial activity of nocathiacin I thiol-Michael adducts.
Academic Article Isothiazoloquinolones containing functionalized aromatic hydrocarbons at the 7-position: synthesis and in vitro activity of a series of potent antibacterial agents with diminished cytotoxicity in human cells.
Academic Article Isothiazolopyridones: synthesis, structure, and biological activity of a new class of antibacterial agents.
Academic Article In Vitro Resistance against DNA Gyrase Inhibitor SPR719 in Mycobacterium avium and Mycobacterium abscessus.
Academic Article Evaluation of Tebipenem Hydrolysis by ß-Lactamases Prevalent in Complicated Urinary Tract Infections.
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