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Concept Clostridium Infections
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Concept Infection Control Practitioners
Concept Infection Control
Concept Coronavirus Infections
Concept Catheter-Related Infections
Academic Article Infection surveillance systems in primary health care: A literature review.
Academic Article Tensions inherent in the evolving role of the infection preventionist.
Academic Article State of infection prevention in US hospitals enrolled in the National Health and Safety Network.
Academic Article Translating infection control guidelines into practice: implementation process within a health care institution.
Academic Article State focus on health care-associated infection prevention in nursing homes.
Academic Article State-mandated reporting of health care-associated infections in the United States: trends over time.
Academic Article Compliance with prevention practices and their association with central line-associated bloodstream infections in neonatal intensive care units.
Academic Article The association of state legal mandates for data submission of central line-associated bloodstream infections in neonatal intensive care units with process and outcome measures.
Academic Article A decade of investment in infection prevention: a cost-effectiveness analysis.
Academic Article Implementation of antimicrobial stewardship policies in U.S. hospitals: findings from a national survey.
Academic Article State law mandates for reporting of healthcare-associated Clostridium difficile infections in hospitals.
Academic Article Understanding infection prevention and control in nursing homes: A qualitative study.
Academic Article Central line-associated blood stream infections in pediatric intensive care units: Longitudinal trends and compliance with bundle strategies.
Academic Article Psychometric Evaluation of an Instrument for Measuring Organizational Climate for Quality: Evidence From a National Sample of Infection Preventionists.
Academic Article Infection prevention and control in nursing homes: a qualitative study of decision-making regarding isolation-based practices.
Academic Article Impact of laws aimed at healthcare-associated infection reduction: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Perceived barriers to infection prevention and control for nursing home certified nursing assistants: a qualitative study.
Academic Article Relationship between sharps disposal containers and Clostridium difficile infections in acute care hospitals.
Academic Article Confirmation of the Validity of the Relational Coordination Survey as a Measure of the Work Environment in a National Sample of Infection Preventionists.
Academic Article Infection Prevention and Control Programs in US Nursing Homes: Results of a National Survey.
Academic Article Reply to Dikon in response to "A response to the relationship between different types of sharps containers and Clostridium difficile infection rates in acute care hospitals".
Academic Article Long-term survival and healthcare utilization outcomes attributable to sepsis and pneumonia.
Academic Article Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection Reduction and Bundle Compliance in Intensive Care Units: A National Study.
Academic Article The Use and Effectiveness of Bundles for Prevention of Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections in Neonates: A Review of the Literature.
Academic Article Impact of State Reporting Laws on Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection Rates in U.S. Adult Intensive Care Units.
Academic Article Infection prevention in long-term care: a systematic review of randomized and nonrandomized trials.
Academic Article State Health Department Requirements for Reporting of Antibiotic-Resistant Infections by Providers, United States, 2013 and 2015.
Academic Article Infection Trends in US Nursing Homes, 2006-2013.
Academic Article Infection prevention outside of the acute care setting: Results from the MegaSurvey of infection preventionists.
Academic Article Health care system leaders' perspectives on infection preventionist and registered nurse engagement in antibiotic stewardship.
Academic Article Infection prevention staffing and resources in U.S. acute care hospitals: Results from the APIC MegaSurvey.
Academic Article Nursing Home Infection Control Program Characteristics, CMS Citations, and Implementation of Antibiotic Stewardship Policies: A National Study.
Academic Article Hospital Staffing and Health Care-Associated Infections: A Systematic Review of the Literature.
Academic Article Perceived impact of state-mandated reporting on infection prevention and control departments.
Academic Article Infection preventionist staffing in nursing homes.
Academic Article Clinical Nurse Preparation and Partnership in Antibiotic Stewardship Programs: National Survey Findings Are a Call to Action for Nurse Leaders.
Academic Article Infection Concept Integration and Teaching Strategies in US Baccalaureate Nursing Programs in an Era of Concept-Based Curriculum.
Academic Article Infection preventionists role in antimicrobial stewardship: Survey of APIC members.
Academic Article COVID-19 Preparedness in US Home Health Care Agencies.
Academic Article Home Health Staff Perspectives on Infection Prevention and Control: Implications for Coronavirus Disease 2019.
Academic Article Journal club: Stopping the routine use of contact precautions for management of MRSA and VRE at three academic medical centers: An interrupted time series analysis.
Academic Article The state of infection prevention and control at home health agencies in the United States prior to COVID-19: A cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Evaluation of infection concept and content integration in a baccalaureate nursing program curriculum.
Academic Article State of infection prevention and control in nonacute care US settings: 2020 APIC MegaSurvey.
Academic Article Strategies to prevent Clostridioides difficile infections in acute-care hospitals: 2022 Update.
Academic Article Reevaluating the Significance of Infection Preventionists and Infection Prevention and Control Departments in the Post-COVID-19 Era.
Academic Article Infection Preventionists in Public Health, Consultant and Academic Roles: Results from the 2020 APIC MegaSurvey.
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