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Concept Hyperthermia, Induced
Academic Article Novel approaches to treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma and hepatic metastases using thermal ablation and thermosensitive liposomes.
Academic Article Simulation techniques in hyperthermia treatment planning.
Academic Article Thermal modelling using discrete vasculature for thermal therapy: A review.
Academic Article A phase I/II study of neoadjuvant liposomal doxorubicin, paclitaxel, and hyperthermia in locally advanced breast cancer.
Academic Article Automatic temperature controller for multielement array hyperthermia systems.
Academic Article Effective learning strategies for real-time image-guided adaptive control of multiple-source hyperthermia applicators.
Academic Article A method to convert MRI images of temperature change into images of absolute temperature in solid tumours.
Academic Article Magnetic fluid hyperthermia for bladder cancer: a preclinical dosimetry study.
Academic Article Conformal microwave array (CMA) applicators for hyperthermia of diffuse chest wall recurrence.
Academic Article Can we settle with single-band radiometric temperature monitoring during hyperthermia treatment of chestwall recurrence of breast cancer using a dual-mode transceiving applicator?
Academic Article A pilot clinical trial of intravesical mitomycin-C and external deep pelvic hyperthermia for non-muscle-invasive bladder cancer.
Academic Article Improved hyperthermia treatment control using SAR/temperature simulation and PRFS magnetic resonance thermal imaging.
Academic Article Thermal dosimetry characteristics of deep regional heating of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.
Academic Article Two phase I dose-escalation/pharmacokinetics studies of low temperature liposomal doxorubicin (LTLD) and mild local hyperthermia in heavily pretreated patients with local regionally recurrent breast cancer.
Academic Article Online feedback focusing algorithm for hyperthermia cancer treatment.
Academic Article Vesicoureteral reflux in children: a phantom study of microwave heating and radiometric thermometry of pediatric bladder.
Academic Article Utility of treatment planning for thermochemotherapy treatment of nonmuscle invasive bladder carcinoma.
Academic Article Radiation dosimetry of a conformal heat-brachytherapy applicator.
Academic Article Miniature microwave applicator for murine bladder hyperthermia studies.
Academic Article Thermal dose fractionation affects tumour physiological response.
Academic Article The performance of a reduced-order adaptive controller when used in multi-antenna hyperthermia treatments with nonlinear temperature-dependent perfusion.
Academic Article Real-time MRI-guided hyperthermia treatment using a fast adaptive algorithm.
Academic Article Characteristics of microstrip muscle-loaded single-arm Archimedean spiral antennas as investigated by FDTD numerical computations.
Academic Article Preclinical assessment of comfort and secure fit of thermobrachytherapy surface applicator (TBSA) on volunteer subjects.
Academic Article Flow patterns and heat convection in a rectangular water bolus for use in superficial hyperthermia.
Academic Article Hyperthermia MRI temperature measurement: evaluation of measurement stabilisation strategies for extremity and breast tumours.
Academic Article The impact of temperature and urinary constituents on urine viscosity and its relevance to bladder hyperthermia treatment.
Academic Article Evolving technology for thermal therapy of cancer.
Academic Article Accuracy of real time noninvasive temperature measurements using magnetic resonance thermal imaging in patients treated for high grade extremity soft tissue sarcomas.
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