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Academic Article Safety and efficacy of rapid (1,000 mg in 1 hr) intravenous iron dextran for treatment of maternal iron deficient anemia of pregnancy.
Academic Article Results of the First American Prospective Study of Intravenous Iron in Oral Iron-Intolerant Iron-Deficient Gravidas.
Academic Article A pre-post study of a multi-country scale up of resuscitation training of facility birth attendants: does Helping Babies Breathe training save lives?
Academic Article Lost to follow-up among pregnant women in a multi-site community based maternal and newborn health registry: a prospective study.
Academic Article Initiating a novel therapy in preventing postpartum hemorrhage in rural India: a joint collaboration between the United States and India.
Academic Article Active management of the third stage of labour with and without controlled cord traction: a randomised, controlled, non-inferiority trial.
Academic Article A prospective population-based study of maternal, fetal, and neonatal outcomes in the setting of prolonged labor, obstructed labor and failure to progress in low- and middle-income countries.
Academic Article Side effects of oral misoprostol for the prevention of postpartum hemorrhage: results of a community-based randomised controlled trial in rural India.
Academic Article Risk factors for maternal death and trends in maternal mortality in low- and middle-income countries: a prospective longitudinal cohort analysis.
Academic Article The Antenatal Corticosteroids Trial (ACT)'s explanations for neonatal mortality - a secondary analysis.
Academic Article Factors associated with acute postpartum hemorrhage in low-risk women delivering in rural India.
Academic Article Establishment of a Maternal Newborn Health Registry in the Belgaum District of Karnataka, India.
Academic Article Early pregnancy loss in Belagavi, Karnataka, India 2014-2017: a prospective population-based observational study in a low-resource setting.
Academic Article ENC training reduces perinatal mortality in Karnataka, India.
Academic Article Assessment of obstetric and neonatal health services in developing country health facilities.
Academic Article Stillbirth rates in low-middle income countries 2010 - 2013: a population-based, multi-country study from the Global Network.
Academic Article A prospective study of maternal, fetal and neonatal outcomes in the setting of cesarean section in low- and middle-income countries.
Academic Article The Antenatal Corticosteroids Trial (ACT): a secondary analysis to explore site differences in a multi-country trial.
Academic Article Community perceptions of pre-eclampsia in rural Karnataka State, India: a qualitative study.
Academic Article The global network antenatal corticosteroids trial: impact on stillbirth.
Academic Article Neonatal mortality and coverage of essential newborn interventions 2010 - 2013: a prospective, population-based study from low-middle income countries.
Academic Article Perinatal outcomes of multiple-gestation pregnancies in Kenya, Zambia, Pakistan, India, Guatemala, and Argentina: a global network study.
Academic Article The oral microbiome and adverse pregnancy outcomes.
Academic Article Antenatal corticosteroids trial in preterm births to increase neonatal survival in developing countries: study protocol.
Academic Article Maternal and Newborn Health in Karnataka State, India: The Community Level Interventions for Pre-Eclampsia (CLIP) Trial's Baseline Study Results.
Academic Article Anthropometric indices for non-pregnant women of childbearing age differ widely among four low-middle income populations.
Academic Article A Comparison of Colorimetric Assessment of Vaginal pH with Nugent Score for the Detection of Bacterial Vaginosis.
Academic Article A prospective observational description of frequency and timing of antenatal care attendance and coverage of selected interventions from sites in Argentina, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Pakistan and Zambia.
Academic Article Community health worker knowledge and management of pre-eclampsia in rural Karnataka State, India.
Academic Article High mortality rates for very low birth weight infants in developing countries despite training.
Academic Article Use of antenatal corticosteroids at health facilities and communities in low-and-middle income countries.
Academic Article Role of mental illness in drug use by urban pregnant heavy smokers.
Academic Article Utilization of maternal health care services and their determinants in Karnataka State, India.
Academic Article Maternal and newborn outcomes in Pakistan compared to other low and middle income countries in the Global Network's Maternal Newborn Health Registry: an active, community-based, pregnancy surveillance mechanism.
Academic Article Implementation and evaluation of the Helping Babies Breathe curriculum in three resource limited settings: does Helping Babies Breathe save lives? A study protocol.
Academic Article Data quality monitoring and performance metrics of a prospective, population-based observational study of maternal and newborn health in low resource settings.
Academic Article The global network: a prospective study of stillbirths in developing countries.
Academic Article Pregnant women and children's exposure to tobacco and solid fuel smoke in southwestern India.
Academic Article Adverse maternal and perinatal outcomes in adolescent pregnancies: The Global Network's Maternal Newborn Health Registry study.
Academic Article Variation in the postpartum hemorrhage rate in a clinical trial of oral misoprostol.
Academic Article The Relationship between Body Mass Index in Pregnancy and Adverse Maternal, Perinatal, and Neonatal Outcomes in Rural India and Pakistan.
Academic Article A prospective study of maternal, fetal and neonatal deaths in low- and middle-income countries.
Academic Article An Intervention to Enhance Obstetric and Newborn Care in India: A Cluster Randomized-Trial.
Academic Article A multicountry randomized controlled trial of comprehensive maternal nutrition supplementation initiated before conception: the Women First trial.
Academic Article The Maternal and Newborn Health Registry Study of the Global Network for Women's and Children's Health Research.
Academic Article The Global Network Neonatal Cause of Death algorithm for low-resource settings.
Academic Article A description of the methods of the aspirin supplementation for pregnancy indicated risk reduction in nulliparas (ASPIRIN) study.
Academic Article A combined community- and facility-based approach to improve pregnancy outcomes in low-resource settings: a Global Network cluster randomized trial.
Academic Article A population-based, multifaceted strategy to implement antenatal corticosteroid treatment versus standard care for the reduction of neonatal mortality due to preterm birth in low-income and middle-income countries: the ACT cluster-randomised trial.
Academic Article Effects of Essential Newborn Care Training on Fresh Stillbirths and Early Neonatal Deaths by Maternal Education.
Academic Article Communities, birth attendants and health facilities: a continuum of emergency maternal and newborn care (the Global Network's EmONC trial).
Academic Article Preconception maternal nutrition: a multi-site randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Maternal near miss in low-resource areas.
Academic Article Low-dose aspirin for the prevention of preterm delivery in nulliparous women with a singleton pregnancy (ASPIRIN): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.
Academic Article Maternal Characteristics Affect Fetal Growth Response in the Women First Preconception Nutrition Trial.
Academic Article Preconception nutrition intervention improved birth length and reduced stunting and wasting in newborns in South Asia: The Women First Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article Community level interventions for pre-eclampsia (CLIP) in India: A cluster randomised controlled trial.
Academic Article Trends of antenatal care during pregnancy in low- and middle-income countries: Findings from the global network maternal and newborn health registry.
Academic Article The Global Network Maternal Newborn Health Registry: a multi-country, community-based registry of pregnancy outcomes.
Academic Article Predictive Modeling for Perinatal Mortality in Resource-Limited Settings.
Academic Article Evidence-based interventions to prevent postpartum hemorrhage: Translating research into practice.
Academic Article Safety of daily low-dose aspirin use during pregnancy in low-income and middle-income countries.
Academic Article RAPIDIRON: Reducing Anaemia in Pregnancy in India-a 3-arm, randomized-controlled trial comparing the effectiveness of oral iron with single-dose intravenous iron in the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia in pregnant women and reducing low birth weight deliveries.
Academic Article Ferumoxytol for the treatment of iron deficiency and iron-deficiency anemia of pregnancy.
Academic Article Epidemiology of stillbirth in low-middle income countries: a Global Network Study.
Academic Article Buccal misoprostol for treatment of fetal death at 14-28 weeks of pregnancy: a double-blind randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article Safety and efficacy of the new CryoPop® cryotherapy device for cervical dysplasia in low- and middle-income countries: study protocol for a multicenter open-label non-inferiority clinical trial with historical controls.
Academic Article The efficacy of low-dose aspirin in pregnancy among women in malaria-endemic countries.
Academic Article Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of pregnant women regarding COVID-19 vaccination in pregnancy in 7 low- and middle-income countries: An observational trial from the Global Network for Women and Children's Health Research.
Academic Article Predictors of Plasmodium falciparum Infection in the First Trimester Among Nulliparous Women From Kenya, Zambia, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Academic Article Health Care in Pregnancy During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Pregnancy Outcomes in Six Low-and-Middle-Income Countries: Evidence from a Prospective, Observational Registry of the Global Network for Women's and Children's Health.
Academic Article Anemia and adverse outcomes in pregnancy: subgroup analysis of the CLIP cluster-randomized trial in India.
Academic Article Community engagement for birth preparedness and complication readiness in the Community Level Interventions for Pre-eclampsia (CLIP) Trial in India: a mixed-method evaluation.
Academic Article COVID-19 antibody positivity over time and pregnancy outcomes in seven low-and-middle-income countries: A prospective, observational study of the Global Network for Women's and Children's Health Research.
Academic Article A training curriculum for an mHealth supported peer counseling program to promote exclusive breastfeeding in rural India.
Academic Article The Global Network Socioeconomic Status Index as a predictor of stillbirths, perinatal mortality, and neonatal mortality in rural communities in low and lower middle income country sites of the Global Network for Women's and Children's Health Research.
Academic Article Aspirin delays the onset of hypertensive disorders of pregnancy among nulliparous pregnant women: A secondary analysis of the ASPIRIN trial.
Academic Article Overview of iron deficiency and iron deficiency anemia in women and girls of reproductive age.
Academic Article Associations between ambient temperature and pregnancy outcomes from three south Asian sites of the Global Network Maternal Newborn Health Registry: A retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Can the date of last menstrual period be trusted in the first trimester? Comparisons of gestational age measures from a prospective cohort study in six low-income to middle-income countries.
Academic Article Building a predictive model of low birth weight in low- and middle-income countries: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Pregnancy as an Opportunity for Hepatitis C Virus Elimination and Eradication.
Academic Article RAPIDIRON Trial follow-up study - the RAPIDIRON-KIDS Study: protocol of a prospective observational follow-up study.
Academic Article Maternal age extremes and adverse pregnancy outcomes in low-resourced settings.
Academic Article Neurodevelopment of Children Whose Mothers Were Randomized to Low-Dose Aspirin During Pregnancy.
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