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Academic Article Nulliparity is associated with less healthy markers of subclinical cardiovascular disease in young women with overweight and obesity.
Academic Article Provider Skill Influences Perinatal Outcomes.
Academic Article Antibiotic use in Pregnancy may be Associated with Childhood Obesity.
Academic Article The Influence of Group Versus Individual Prenatal Care on Phase of Labor at Hospital Admission, and Gestational Weight Gain and Breastfeeding Outcomes in Group Prenatal Care.
Academic Article Planned Home Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.
Academic Article Maternal positioning to rotate fetuses in occiput posterior position in labor.
Academic Article Life stress may be related to racial disparities in stillbirth.
Academic Article Omega-3 Fatty Acids do not Appear to Prevent Preterm Birth.
Academic Article Can synthetic oxytocin be turned off in active labor?
Academic Article Postpartum hemorrhages are more common in planned hospital births compared with planned home births.
Academic Article Diet Therapy May Be As Effective As Glyburide For Treatment Of Mild Gestational Diabetes.
Academic Article Exercise Reduces Gestational Diabetes Risk.
Academic Article Some women with elevated body mass index are at low risk for complications in labor.
Academic Article Nurse practitioners, certified nurse-midwives, and physician assistants can safely perform first-trimester aspiration abortions.
Academic Article Most women think their cesarean birth was necessary.
Academic Article Midwife Laborists Provide High-Quality Care.
Academic Article Common carotid artery intima-media thickness increases throughout the pregnancy cycle: a prospective cohort study.
Academic Article Brachial artery stiffening in healthy primigravidas is associated with weight gain and increased cardiac output.
Academic Article Associations between prolonged second stage of labor and maternal and neonatal outcomes in freestanding birth centers: a retrospective analysis.
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