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Concept Penile Prosthesis
Academic Article Intraoperative Decision-making for Precise Penile Straightening During Inflatable Penile Prosthesis Surgery.
Academic Article Minimizing Penile Prosthesis Implant Infection: What Can We Learn From Orthopedic Surgery?
Academic Article Impact of penile prostheses and intracavernosal injections on psychosocial functioning.
Academic Article Microorganism Profiles of Penile Prosthesis Removed for Infection, Erosion, and Mechanical Malfunction Based on Next-Generation Sequencing.
Academic Article Molecular testing with next-generation sequencing appears to identify biofilm on penile prostheses better than traditional cultures: The new gold standard?
Academic Article A scoping review of penile implant biofilms-what do we know and what remains unknown?
Academic Article High submuscular placement of urologic prosthetic balloons and reservoirs: 2-year experience and patient-reported outcomes.
Academic Article High patient satisfaction of inflatable penile prosthesis insertion with synchronous penile plication for erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease.
Academic Article Inflatable penile prosthesis as tissue expander: what is the evidence?
Academic Article Oxycodone prescription after inflatable penile prosthesis has risks of persistent use: a TriNetX analysis.
Academic Article Penile prosthesis implantation after radiation therapy for prostate cancer.
Academic Article Androgens and Urethral Health - How hypogonadism affects postoperative outcomes of patients undergoing artificial urinary sphincter or inflatable penile prosthesis placement.
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