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Concept School Health Services
Concept Schools
Academic Article Predictors of Poor School Readiness in Children Without Developmental Delay at Age 2.
Academic Article At-school substance use as a marker for serious health risks.
Academic Article Teachers and Coaches in Adolescent Social Networks Are Associated With Healthier Self-Concept and Decreased Substance Use.
Academic Article Successful schools and risky behaviors among low-income adolescents.
Academic Article Parents' views on engaging families of middle school students in obesity prevention and control in a multiethnic population.
Academic Article Parent, Teacher, and Student Perspectives on How Corrective Lenses Improve Child Wellbeing and School Function.
Academic Article Incarcerated Youths' Perspectives on Protective Factors and Risk Factors for Juvenile Offending: A Qualitative Analysis.
Academic Article Long-term health implications of school quality.
Academic Article A structured management approach to implementation of health promotion interventions in Head Start.
Academic Article How Urban Youth Perceive Relationships Among School Environments, Social Networks, Self-Concept, and Substance Use.
Academic Article A school-based public health model to reduce oral health disparities.
Academic Article Assessment of Exposure to High-Performing Schools and Risk of Adolescent Substance Use: A Natural Experiment.
Academic Article School Mobility and Its Impact on Student Health-Reply.
Concept School Teachers
Academic Article Reducing Missed Opportunities for Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in School-Based Health Centers: Impact of an Intervention.
Academic Article Minority Parents' Perspectives on Racial Socialization and School Readiness in the Early Childhood Period.
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