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Grant Flexible Work and Well-Being Center at the University of Minnesota
Academic Article Time Work by Overworked Professionals: Strategies in Response to the Stress of Higher Status.
Academic Article The future of research on work, safety, health and wellbeing: A guiding conceptual framework.
Academic Article "Fit" inside the Work-Family Black Box: An Ecology of the Life Course, Cycles of Control Reframing.
Academic Article When Mothers' Work Matters for Youths' Daily Time Use: Implications of Evening and Weekend Shifts.
Academic Article Changing work, changing health: can real work-time flexibility promote health behaviors and well-being?
Academic Article Changing Work and Work-Family Conflict: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Network*
Academic Article Does Enhancing Work-Time Control and Flexibility Reduce Turnover? A Naturally Occurring Experiment.
Academic Article Work-Family Conflict and Employee Sleep: Evidence from IT Workers in the Work, Family and Health Study.
Academic Article Supporting employees' work-family needs improves health care quality: Longitudinal evidence from long-term care.
Academic Article Social class and the experience of work-family conflict during the transition to adulthood.
Academic Article Getting There from Here: Research on the Effects of Work-Family Initiatives on Work-Family Conflict and Business Outcomes.
Academic Article Effects of a Flexibility/Support Intervention on Work Performance: Evidence From the Work, Family, and Health Network.
Academic Article Work-family conflict, cardiometabolic risk, and sleep duration in nursing employees.
Academic Article Intervention effects on safety compliance and citizenship behaviors: Evidence from the Work, Family, and Health Study.
Academic Article Designing Work, Family & Health Organizational Change Initiatives.
Academic Article Return on Investment of a Work-Family Intervention: Evidence From the Work, Family, and Health Network.
Academic Article The effects of a workplace intervention on employees' cortisol awakening response.
Academic Article Perceived time adequacy improves daily well-being: day-to-day linkages and the effects of a workplace intervention.
Academic Article Changing Workplaces to Reduce Work-Family Conflict: Schedule Control in a White-Collar Organization.
Academic Article Learning from a Natural Experiment: Studying a Corporate Work-Time Policy Initiative.
Academic Article Constrained choices? Linking employees' and spouses' work time to health behaviors.
Academic Article Work, family and life-course fit: Does control over work time matter?
Academic Article Latent profiles of perceived time adequacy for paid work, parenting, and partner roles.
Academic Article Rethinking the Clockwork of Work: Why Schedule Control May Pay Off at Work and at Home.
Academic Article An Integrative, Multilevel, and Transdisciplinary Research Approach to Challenges of Work, Family, and Health.
Academic Article Healthy work revisited: do changes in time strain predict well-being?
Academic Article Team-level flexibility, work-home spillover, and health behavior.
Academic Article Effects of a workplace intervention on sleep in employees' children.
Academic Article Work Redesign for the 21st Century: Promising Strategies for Enhancing Worker Well-Being.
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