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Academic Article JAM-A protects from thrombosis by suppressing integrin aIIbß3-dependent outside-in signaling in platelets.
Academic Article GRK6 regulates the hemostatic response to injury through its rate-limiting effects on GPCR signaling in platelets.
Academic Article Platelets and hemostasis: a new perspective on an old subject.
Academic Article RGS10 shapes the hemostatic response to injury through its differential effects on intracellular signaling by platelet agonists.
Academic Article RGS/Gi2alpha interactions modulate platelet accumulation and thrombus formation at sites of vascular injury.
Academic Article Diminished contact-dependent reinforcement of Syk activation underlies impaired thrombus growth in mice lacking Semaphorin 4D.
Academic Article Loss of PIKfyve in platelets causes a lysosomal disease leading to inflammation and thrombosis in mice.
Academic Article A systems approach to hemostasis: 3. Thrombus consolidation regulates intrathrombus solute transport and local thrombin activity.
Academic Article A systems approach to hemostasis: 4. How hemostatic thrombi limit the loss of plasma-borne molecules from the microvasculature.
Academic Article Hierarchical organization in the hemostatic response and its relationship to the platelet-signaling network.
Academic Article Regulated surface expression and shedding support a dual role for semaphorin 4D in platelet responses to vascular injury.
Academic Article Shaping the platelet response to vascular injury.
Academic Article Phosphatidylinositol transfer protein-a in platelets is inconsequential for thrombosis yet is utilized for tumor metastasis.
Academic Article Boundary events: contact-dependent and contact-facilitated signaling between platelets.
Academic Article Platelets lacking PIP5KI? have normal integrin activation but impaired cytoskeletal-membrane integrity and adhesion.
Academic Article Occlusive thrombi arise in mammals but not birds in response to arterial injury: evolutionary insight into human cardiovascular disease.
Academic Article A systems approach to hemostasis: 2. Computational analysis of molecular transport in the thrombus microenvironment.
Academic Article Regulation of Platelet Activation and Coagulation and Its Role in Vascular Injury and Arterial Thrombosis.
Academic Article A newly identified complex of spinophilin and the tyrosine phosphatase, SHP-1, modulates platelet activation by regulating G protein-dependent signaling.
Academic Article Peptides derived from MARCKS block coagulation complex assembly on phosphatidylserine.
Academic Article Harnessing the platelet signaling network to produce an optimal hemostatic response.
Academic Article Loss of PIP5KIbeta demonstrates that PIP5KI isoform-specific PIP2 synthesis is required for IP3 formation.
Academic Article Minding the gaps--and the junctions, too.
Academic Article Simulation of intrathrombus fluid and solute transport using in vivo clot structures with single platelet resolution.
Academic Article A systems approach to hemostasis: 1. The interdependence of thrombus architecture and agonist movements in the gaps between platelets.
Academic Article Interrelationships between structure and function during the hemostatic response to injury.
Academic Article Platelet signaling.
Academic Article Hematopoietic lineage cell specific protein 1 (HS1) is a functionally important signaling molecule in platelet activation.
Academic Article Minding the gaps to promote thrombus growth and stability.
Academic Article Defective release of a granule and lysosome contents from platelets in mouse Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome models.
Academic Article Contact-dependent signaling events that promote thrombus formation.
Academic Article Coordination of platelet agonist signaling during the hemostatic response in vivo.
Academic Article The contribution of TFPIa to the hemostatic response to injury in mice.
Academic Article Elevated ambient glucose induces acute inflammatory events in the microvasculature: effects of insulin.
Academic Article The small-molecule MERTK inhibitor UNC2025 decreases platelet activation and prevents thrombosis.
Academic Article Myocardial ischemia/reperfusion injury in NADPH oxidase-deficient mice.
Academic Article Hierarchical organization of the hemostatic response to penetrating injuries in the mouse macrovasculature.
Academic Article Platelet-targeting sensor reveals thrombin gradients within blood clots forming in microfluidic assays and in mouse.
Academic Article Spatiotemporal regulation of coagulation and platelet activation during the hemostatic response in vivo.
Academic Article Platelet packing density is an independent regulator of the hemostatic response to injury.
Academic Article Thrombin spatial distribution determines Protein C activation during hemostasis and thrombosis.
Academic Article GRK2 regulates ADP signaling in platelets via P2Y1 and P2Y12.
Academic Article Individual phosphatidylinositol transfer proteins have distinct functions that do not involve lipid transfer activity.
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