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Concept Radiotherapy, Image-Guided
Academic Article Functional-guided radiotherapy using knowledge-based planning.
Academic Article A novel method to incorporate the spatial location of the lung dose distribution into predictive radiation pneumonitis modeling.
Academic Article Regional Lung Function Profiles of Stage I and III Lung Cancer Patients: An Evaluation for Functional Avoidance Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Imaging of regional ventilation: Is CT ventilation imaging the answer? A systematic review of the validation data.
Academic Article Lung deformations and radiation-induced regional lung collapse in patients treated with stereotactic body radiation therapy.
Academic Article Predicting radiation pneumonitis after stereotactic ablative radiation therapy in patients previously treated with conventional thoracic radiation therapy.
Academic Article A complete 4DCT-ventilation functional avoidance virtual trial: Developing strategies for prospective clinical trials.
Academic Article Objective assessment of the effects of tumor motion in radiation therapy.
Academic Article The Clinical and Dosimetric Impact of Real-Time Target Tracking in Pancreatic SBRT.
Academic Article Evaluating the Toxicity Reduction With Computed Tomographic Ventilation Functional Avoidance Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Evaluating Which Dose-Function Metrics Are Most Critical for Functional-Guided Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Quantifying Allowable Motion to Achieve Safe Dose Escalation in Pancreatic SBRT.
Academic Article Characterizing Spatial Lung Function for Esophageal Cancer Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Head and Neck Tumor Control Probability: Radiation Dose-Volume Effects in Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy for Locally Recurrent Previously-Irradiated Head and Neck Cancer: Report of the AAPM Working Group.
Academic Article Interim Analysis of a Two-Institution, Prospective Clinical Trial of 4DCT-Ventilation-based Functional Avoidance Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Using 4DCT-ventilation to characterize lung function changes for pediatric patients getting thoracic radiotherapy.
Academic Article Prescribing radiation dose to lung cancer patients based on personalized toxicity estimates.
Academic Article Use of weekly 4DCT-based ventilation maps to quantify changes in lung function for patients undergoing radiation therapy.
Academic Article Technical Note: Deep Learning approach for automatic detection and identification of patient positioning devices for radiation therapy.
Academic Article Balancing radiation pneumonitis versus locoregional tumor control in non-small-cell lung cancer.
Academic Article Comparing the accuracy of four-dimensional photon dose calculations with three-dimensional calculations using moving and deforming phantoms.
Academic Article Use of 4-dimensional computed tomography-based ventilation imaging to correlate lung dose and function with clinical outcomes.
Academic Article Investigation of the relationship between gross tumor volume location and pneumonitis rates using a large clinical database of non-small-cell lung cancer patients.
Academic Article Verification of four-dimensional photon dose calculations.
Academic Article Advances in Image-Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Characterizing spatial differences between SPECT-ventilation and SPECT-perfusion in patients with lung cancer undergoing radiotherapy.
Academic Article Functional avoidance-based intensity modulated proton therapy with 4DCT derived ventilation imaging for lung cancer.
Academic Article Results of a Multi-Institutional Phase 2 Clinical Trial for 4DCT-Ventilation Functional Avoidance Thoracic Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Cardiac metabolic changes on 18 F-positron emission tomography after thoracic radiotherapy predict for overall survival in esophageal cancer patients.
Academic Article Quality and Safety Considerations in Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy: An ASTRO Safety White Paper Update.
Academic Article Is individual perfusion dose-response different than ventilation dose-response for lung cancer patients treated with radiotherapy?
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