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Concept Pregnancy
Concept Pregnancy Complications, Hematologic
Concept Pregnancy Complications, Infectious
Concept Pregnancy in Diabetics
Concept Pregnancy Outcome
Concept Pregnancy Trimester, Third
Concept Hypertension, Pregnancy-Induced
Academic Article Conservative Management of Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy with Fetal Heart Activity and a Very High ß-hCG.
Academic Article Spontaneous Bilateral Tubal Ectopic Pregnancy in a Low-Risk Patient: A Case Report with Implications for Preoperative Patient Counseling.
Academic Article Predictors of readmission for postpartum preeclampsia.
Academic Article Recurrent Cesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy Treated with Systemic Methotrexate.
Academic Article Human Metapneumovirus Infection and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome During Pregnancy.
Academic Article The Relationship between Status at Presentation and Outcomes among Pregnant Women with COVID-19.
Academic Article Association of uterine rupture with pregestational diabetes in women undergoing trial of labor after cesarean delivery.
Academic Article Delivery for respiratory compromise among pregnant women with coronavirus disease 2019.
Academic Article Pregnancy outcomes among women with American College of Cardiology- American Heart Association defined hypertension.
Academic Article Histologic and Immunohistochemical Evaluation of 65 Placentas From Women With Polymerase Chain Reaction-Proven Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) Infection.
Academic Article Caring for Pregnant Patients with COVID-19: Practical Tips Getting from Policy to Practice.
Academic Article Changes in obstetrical practices and pregnancy outcomes following the ARRIVE trial.
Academic Article Conservative management of uterine rupture diagnosed prenatally on the basis of sonography.
Academic Article Pre- and postpregnancy platelet counts: evaluating accuracy of gestational thrombocytopenia and immune thrombocytopenia purpura diagnoses.
Academic Article Change in prevalence of chronic hypertension in pregnancy after the updated ACC/AHA hypertension guidelines.
Academic Article Use of Machine Learning to Identify Clinical Variables in Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women with SARS-CoV-2 Infection.
Academic Article Changes in Rates of Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy Among Nulliparous Patients After the ARRIVE (A Randomized Trial of Induction Versus Expectant Management) Trial.
Academic Article Streptococcal toxic shock syndrome occurring in the third trimester of pregnancy: A case report.
Academic Article Maternal outcomes of a cohort of pregnancies affected by non-immune hydrops fetalis.
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