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Concept Cytotoxicity, Immunologic
Academic Article Enhanced NK-cell development and function in BCAP-deficient mice.
Academic Article SHP-1- and phosphotyrosine-independent inhibitory signaling by a killer cell Ig-like receptor cytoplasmic domain in human NK cells.
Academic Article NKp44 triggers NK cell activation through DAP12 association that is not influenced by a putative cytoplasmic inhibitory sequence.
Academic Article Src homology region 2-containing protein tyrosine phosphatase-2 (SHP-2) can play a direct role in the inhibitory function of killer cell Ig-like receptors in human NK cells.
Academic Article Receptors and lytic mediators regulating anti-tumor activity by the leukemic killer T cell line TALL-104.
Academic Article Protein kinase C regulates expression and function of inhibitory killer cell Ig-like receptors in NK cells.
Academic Article Proliferating cell nuclear antigen is a novel inhibitory ligand for the natural cytotoxicity receptor NKp44.
Academic Article Cutting edge: KIR2DL4 transduces signals into human NK cells through association with the Fc receptor gamma protein.
Academic Article The ap-2 clathrin adaptor mediates endocytosis of an inhibitory killer cell Ig-like receptor in human NK cells.
Academic Article Inhibition of the NKp44-PCNA Immune Checkpoint Using a mAb to PCNA.
Academic Article Prostaglandin D2 suppresses human NK cell function via signaling through D prostanoid receptor.
Academic Article SHP-2 expression negatively regulates NK cell function.
Academic Article Human immunodeficiency-causing mutation defines CD16 in spontaneous NK cell cytotoxicity.
Academic Article Splice variants of human natural cytotoxicity receptors: novel innate immune checkpoints.
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