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Concept Enzyme Inhibitors
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Concept Poly (ADP-Ribose) Polymerase-1
Concept Poly(ADP-ribose) Polymerase Inhibitors
Academic Article Caffeine could not efficiently sensitize homologous recombination repair-deficient cells to ionizing radiation-induced killing.
Academic Article Ku affects the ataxia and Rad 3-related/CHK1-dependent S phase checkpoint response after camptothecin treatment.
Academic Article Ku affects the ATM-dependent S phase checkpoint following ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Interferon alpha 2a down-regulates VEGF expression through PI3 kinase and MAP kinase signaling pathways.
Academic Article Caffeine-induced radiosensitization is independent of nonhomologous end joining of DNA double-strand breaks.
Academic Article Backup pathways of NHEJ are suppressed by DNA-PK.
Academic Article PTEN Loss Enhances Error-Prone DSB Processing and Tumor Cell Radiosensitivity by Suppressing RAD51 Expression and Homologous Recombination.
Academic Article An overactivated ATR/CHK1 pathway is responsible for the prolonged G2 accumulation in irradiated AT cells.
Academic Article Low levels of DNA ligases III and IV sufficient for effective NHEJ.
Academic Article Histone H1 functions as a stimulatory factor in backup pathways of NHEJ.
Academic Article PARP-1 and Ku compete for repair of DNA double strand breaks by distinct NHEJ pathways.
Academic Article Widespread dependence of backup NHEJ on growth state: ramifications for the use of DNA-PK inhibitors.
Academic Article Inhibition of PARP1 by small interfering RNA enhances docetaxel activity against human prostate cancer PC3 cells.
Academic Article Requirement for Parp-1 and DNA ligases 1 or 3 but not of Xrcc1 in chromosomal translocation formation by backup end joining.
Academic Article Marked contribution of alternative end-joining to chromosome-translocation-formation by stochastically induced DNA double-strand-breaks in G2-phase human cells.
Academic Article Complex H2AX phosphorylation patterns by multiple kinases including ATM and DNA-PK in human cells exposed to ionizing radiation and treated with kinase inhibitors.
Academic Article G2/M Checkpoint Abrogation With Selective Inhibitors Results in Increased Chromatid Breaks and Radiosensitization of 82-6 hTERT and RPE Human Cells.
Academic Article Inhibition of Parp1 by BMN673 Effectively Sensitizes Cells to Radiotherapy by Upsetting the Balance of Repair Pathways Processing DNA Double-Strand Breaks.
Academic Article Analysis of chromatid-break-repair detects a homologous recombination to non-homologous end-joining switch with increasing load of DNA double-strand breaks.
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