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Concept Materials Testing
Academic Article Comparison of the properties of annealed crosslinked (Crossfire) and conventional polyethylene as hip bearing materials.
Academic Article Fatigue crack propagation resistance of virgin and highly crosslinked, thermally treated ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.
Academic Article Large deformation compression induced crystallinity degradation of conventional and highly crosslinked UHMWPEs.
Academic Article Notch sensitivity of PEEK in monotonic tension.
Academic Article Strength and reliability of alumina ceramic femoral heads: Review of design, testing, and retrieval analysis.
Academic Article The Biotribology of PEEK-on-HXLPE Bearings Is Comparable to Traditional Bearings on a Multidirectional Pin-on-disk Tester.
Academic Article Anisotropy and oxidative resistance of highly crosslinked UHMWPE after deformation processing by solid-state ram extrusion.
Academic Article Characteristics of highly cross-linked polyethylene wear debris in vivo.
Academic Article Does Metal Transfer Differ on Retrieved Ceramic and CoCr Femoral Heads?
Academic Article Clinical, surface damage and oxidative performance of poly II tibial inserts after long-term implantation.
Academic Article Comparison of periprosthetic tissue digestion methods for ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene wear debris extraction.
Academic Article Development of a clinically relevant impingement test method for a mobile bearing lumbar total disc replacement.
Academic Article Retrieval analysis of sequentially annealed highly crosslinked polyethylene used in total hip arthroplasty.
Academic Article Retrieval Research in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty.
Academic Article What is the correlation of in vivo wear and damage patterns with in vitro TDR motion response?
Academic Article Oxidative properties and surface damage mechanisms of remelted highly crosslinked polyethylenes in total knee arthroplasty.
Academic Article Effects of the mold temperature on the mechanical properties and crystallinity of hydroxyapatite whisker-reinforced polyetheretherketone scaffolds.
Academic Article Can pin-on-disk testing be used to assess the wear performance of retrieved UHMWPE components for total joint arthroplasty?
Academic Article Editorial comment: Advances in UHMWPE biomaterials.
Academic Article UHMWPE wear debris and tissue reactions are reduced for contemporary designs of lumbar total disc replacements.
Academic Article Retrieval analysis of Harris-Galante I and II acetabular liners in situ for more than 10 years.
Academic Article Monotonic and fatigue behavior of five clinically relevant conventional and highly crosslinked UHMWPEs in the presence of stress concentrations.
Academic Article How have new designs and new types of joint replacement influenced wear behavior?
Academic Article Wear pattern observations from TDR retrievals using autoregistration of voxel data.
Academic Article The natural history of polyethylene oxidation in total disc replacement.
Academic Article History and systematic review of wear and osteolysis outcomes for first-generation highly crosslinked polyethylene.
Academic Article Effects of gamma and e-beam sterilization on the chemical, mechanical and tribological properties of a novel hydrogel.
Academic Article A systematic review of preclinical in vivo testing of 3D printed porous Ti6Al4V for orthopedic applications, part I: Animal models and bone ingrowth outcome measures.
Academic Article Characterization of PEEK biomaterials using the small punch test.
Academic Article Effect of nucleus replacement device properties on lumbar spine mechanics.
Academic Article Notched stress-strain behavior of a conventional and a sequentially annealed highly crosslinked UHMWPE.
Academic Article Does cyclic stress play a role in highly crosslinked polyethylene oxidation?
Academic Article Degradation of mechanical properties of UHMWPE acetabular liners following long-term implantation.
Academic Article Does vitamin E-stabilized ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene address concerns of cross-linked polyethylene in total knee arthroplasty?
Academic Article Do first-generation highly crosslinked polyethylenes oxidize in vivo?
Academic Article Do ceramic femoral heads reduce taper fretting corrosion in hip arthroplasty? A retrieval study.
Academic Article Are PEEK-on-Ceramic Bearings an Option for Total Disc Arthroplasty? An In Vitro Tribology Study.
Academic Article Notched fatigue behavior of PEEK.
Academic Article Is There Material Loss at the Conical Junctions of Modular Components for Total Knee Arthroplasty?
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