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Academic Article Radiomic Phenotypes of Mammographic Parenchymal Complexity: Toward Augmenting Breast Density in Breast Cancer Risk Assessment.
Academic Article Changes in mammographic density and risk of breast cancer among a diverse cohort of women undergoing mammography screening.
Academic Article Mammographic breast density decreases after bariatric surgery.
Academic Article Using Convolutional Neural Networks for Enhanced Capture of Breast Parenchymal Complexity Patterns Associated with Breast Cancer Risk.
Academic Article Incorporating Breast Anatomy in Computational Phenotyping of Mammographic Parenchymal Patterns for Breast Cancer Risk Estimation.
Academic Article External Validation of a Mammography-Derived AI-Based Risk Model in a U.S. Breast Cancer Screening Cohort of White and Black Women.
Academic Article Breast parenchymal patterns in processed versus raw digital mammograms: A large population study toward assessing differences in quantitative measures across image representations.
Academic Article Racial Differences in Quantitative Measures of Area and Volumetric Breast Density.
Academic Article Effect of Mammographic Screening Modality on Breast Density Assessment: Digital Mammography versus Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.
Academic Article Fully Automated Volumetric Breast Density Estimation from Digital Breast Tomosynthesis.
Academic Article Deep-LIBRA: An artificial-intelligence method for robust quantification of breast density with independent validation in breast cancer risk assessment.
Academic Article Agreement between Breast Percentage Density Estimations from Standard-Dose versus Synthetic Digital Mammograms: Results from a Large Screening Cohort Using Automated Measures.
Academic Article Calculation of Radiomic Features to Validate the Textural Realism of Physical Anthropomorphic Phantoms for Digital Mammography.
Academic Article Robust Radiomic Feature Selection in Digital Mammography: Understanding the Effect of Imaging Acquisition Physics Using Phantom and Clinical Data Analysis.
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