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Concept Adolescent
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Concept Child Abuse
Concept Child Abuse, Sexual
Concept Child Advocacy
Concept Child Behavior Disorders
Concept Child Custody
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Child, Preschool
Concept Child Protective Services
Academic Article A struggle for certainty--protecting the vulnerable.
Academic Article Mental Health, Behavioral and Developmental Issues for Youth in Foster Care.
Academic Article Pneumatosis Intestinalis Due to Child Abuse.
Academic Article Quality Improvement Initiative to Improve Abuse Screening Among Infants With Extremity Fractures.
Academic Article Impact of Plans of Safe Care on Prenatally Substance Exposed Infants.
Academic Article Physical Health Problems and Barriers to Optimal Health Care Among Children in Foster Care.
Academic Article The Role of the Orthopaedic Surgeon in the Identification and Management of Nonaccidental Trauma.
Academic Article Xylazine Complicating Opioid Ingestions in Young Children.
Academic Article Pushing Back: Balancing Cost Against the Price of Missing Child Physical Abuse.
Academic Article Child Abuse Mimic: Avulsion Injury in a Child With Penoscrotal Webbing.
Academic Article End-of-life medical decision-making for children in custody: A collaborative, multi-stakeholder practical approach.
Academic Article The Accuracy of ICD Codes: Identifying Physical Abuse in 4 Children's Hospitals.
Academic Article Failure to Provide Adequate Palliative Care May Be Medical Neglect.
Academic Article For Victims of Fatal Child Abuse, Who Has the Right to Consent to Organ Donation?
Academic Article Understanding Abusive Head Trauma: A Primer for the General Pediatrician.
Academic Article Multidisciplinary Team Approach to Addressing Child Sexual Abuse at Nemours Children's Health, Delaware.
Academic Article Sexual Assault Victimization Among Children and Youth With Developmental Disabilities: Responding With Trauma-Informed Care.
Academic Article Factors Associated with Child-Welfare Involvement among Prenatally Substance-Exposed Infants.
Academic Article Improving HIV post-exposure prophylaxis rates after pediatric acute sexual assault.
Academic Article Addressing Human Papillomavirus Prevention During Pediatric Acute Sexual Assault Care.
Academic Article Hospital Costs, Revenue, and Abuse Detection Associated With Occult Injury Screening.
Academic Article Factors Impacting Maltreatment Evaluation and Reports to Child Protective Services in Pediatric Substance Exposures.
Academic Article Child torture victimization: Review of criminal statutes and medico-legal issues.
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