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Concept Herpesviridae Infections
Concept RNA Virus Infections
Concept HIV Infections
Concept Lentivirus Infections
Concept Helicobacter Infections
Concept Gram-Negative Bacterial Infections
Concept AIDS-Related Opportunistic Infections
Concept Community-Acquired Infections
Concept Flaviviridae Infections
Concept Coronavirus Infections
Concept Epstein-Barr Virus Infections
Concept Papillomavirus Infections
Academic Article MicroRNA-122: a therapeutic target for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection.
Academic Article The role of micronutrients in the diet of HIV-1-infected individuals.
Academic Article Inhibition of endogenous reverse transcription of human and nonhuman primate lentiviruses: potential for development of lentivirucides.
Academic Article IL-7 is a potent and proviral strain-specific inducer of latent HIV-1 cellular reservoirs of infected individuals on virally suppressive HAART.
Academic Article Exogenous IL-7 induces Fas-mediated human neuronal apoptosis: potential effects during human immunodeficiency virus type 1 infection.
Concept Zika Virus Infection
Academic Article Residual HIV-1 disease in seminal cells of HIV-1-infected men on suppressive HAART: latency without on-going cellular infections.
Academic Article Slower progression of HIV-1 infection in persons with GB virus C co-infection correlates with an intact T-helper 1 cytokine profile.
Academic Article Pancreatic cancer in HIV-positive patients: a clinical case-control study.
Academic Article Monitoring Integration over Time Supports a Role for Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes and Ongoing Replication as Determinants of Reservoir Size.
Academic Article Cerebral white matter Hyperintensities in HIV-positive patients.
Academic Article IL-7 as a potential therapy for HIV-1-infected individuals.
Academic Article Tuberculosis screening among healthcare workers in Sicily, Italy.
Academic Article Porphyria cutanea tarda in an HIV-1-infected patient after the initiation of tipranavir/ritonavir: case report.
Academic Article Duration of antimicrobial therapy in community acquired pneumonia: less is more.
Academic Article Outbreak of Brucella melitensis infection in Eastern Sicily: risk factors, clinical characteristics and complication rate.
Academic Article Skin and soft tissue infection by Mycobacterium intracellulare in an immunocompetent patient.
Academic Article Sirtuin-1 and HIV-1: an overview.
Academic Article HIV and GB virus C--can two viruses be better than one?
Academic Article Cardiovascular risk and dyslipidemia among persons living with HIV: a review.
Academic Article Use of statins and aspirin to prevent cardiovascular disease among HIV-positive patients. A survey among Italian HIV physicians.
Academic Article Changes in serum Interleukin-33 concentration before and after treatment with pegylated interferon alfa-2a plus ribavirin in patients with chronic hepatitis C genotype 1b infection.
Academic Article Is there enough evidence to use bisphosphonates in HIV-infected patients? A systematic review and meta-analysis.
Academic Article Oxaliplatin based chemotherapy and concomitant highly active antiretroviral therapy in the treatment of 24 patients with colorectal cancer and HIV infection.
Academic Article Do Vgamma2Vdelta2 T cells influence HIV disease progression?
Academic Article Alpha interferon potently enhances the anti-human immunodeficiency virus type 1 activity of APOBEC3G in resting primary CD4 T cells.
Academic Article Seminal reservoirs during an HIV type 1 eradication trial.
Academic Article Outbreak of Brucella melitensis infection in Eastern Sicily: risk factors, clinical characteristics and complication rate.
Academic Article Heel quantitative ultrasound in HIV-infected patients: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article A Case of COVID-19 with Late-Onset Rash and Transient Loss of Taste and Smell in a 15-Year-Old Boy.
Academic Article Nail pigmentation and fatigue.
Academic Article Acute Glomerulonephritis in a Child with Chlamydia pneumoniae Infection: A Case Report.
Academic Article HIV RNA suppression and immune restoration: can we do better?
Academic Article Malignant melanoma in HIV: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, and management.
Academic Article Vaccine-preventable disease in healthcare workers in Sicily (Italy): seroprevalence against measles.
Academic Article Mucocutaneous leishmaniasis as presentation of HIV infection in Sardinia, insular Italy.
Academic Article HIV-associated psoriasis: Epidemiology, pathogenesis, and management.
Academic Article New generation biologics for the treatment of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. State of the art and considerations about the risk of infection.
Academic Article Corynebacterium striatum Bacteremia during SARS-CoV2 Infection: Case Report, Literature Review, and Clinical Considerations.
Academic Article Management care improvement of people living with HIV: definition of a targeted clinical pathway in a University Hospital of South Italy.
Academic Article How Much Does HIV Positivity Affect the Presence of Oral HPV? A Molecular Epidemiology Survey.
Academic Article Efficacy of COVID-19 Vaccination in People Living with HIV: A Public Health Fundamental Tool for the Protection of Patients and the Correct Management of Infection.
Academic Article Epstein-barr virus- and Kaposi sarcoma-associated herpesvirus-related malignancies in the setting of human immunodeficiency virus infection.
Academic Article Mediterranean spotted fever-like illness in Sardinia, Italy: a clinical and microbiological study.
Academic Article Vitamin D3: an ever green molecule.
Academic Article Peripheral blood Dendritic cells are not a major reservoir for HIV type 1 in infected individuals on virally suppressive HAART.
Academic Article PrEP in Italy: The time may be ripe but who's paying the bill? A nationwide survey on physicians' attitudes towards using antiretrovirals to prevent HIV infection.
Academic Article Diagnostic and therapeutical role of vitamin D in chronic hepatitis C virus infection.
Academic Article Analysis of Th17 and Tc17 Frequencies and Antiviral Defenses in Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue of Chronic HIV-1 Positive Patients.
Academic Article Epidemiology of the new HIV infections in a large university hospital of Southern Italy: the importance of increasing the culture of the HIV screening test in the prevention of late diagnosis.
Academic Article Genetic Evidence That Naive T Cells Can Contribute Significantly to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus Intact Reservoir: Time to Re-evaluate Their Role.
Academic Article Vitamin D Status Modulates Inflammatory Response in HIV+ Subjects: Evidence for Involvement of Autophagy and TG2 Expression in PBMC.
Academic Article Risk factors of venous thrombo-embolism during cytomegalovirus infection in immunocompetent individuals. A systematic review.
Academic Article Localized and systemic bacterial infections in necrotizing pancreatitis submitted to surgical necrosectomy or percutaneous drainage of necrotic secretions.
Academic Article Investigational drugs in HIV: Pros and cons of entry and fusion inhibitors (Review).
Academic Article Network perturbation analysis in human bronchial epithelial cells following SARS-CoV2 infection.
Academic Article SARS-CoV-2: The Impact of Co-Infections with Particular Reference to Mycoplasma pneumonia-A Clinical Review.
Academic Article Post-infectious ST elevation myocardial infarction following a COVID-19 infection: A case report.
Academic Article Bacterial and Fungal Co-Infections and Superinfections in a Cohort of COVID-19 Patients: Real-Life Data from an Italian Third Level Hospital.
Academic Article Longitudinal HIV sequencing reveals reservoir expression leading to decay which is obscured by clonal expansion.
Academic Article Baseline CD4/CD8 T-Cell Ratio Predicts Prompt Immune Restoration Upon cART Initiation.
Academic Article Vitiligo-like Lesions and COVID-19: Case Report and Review of Vaccination- and Infection-Associated Vitiligo.
Academic Article Mucorales/Fusarium Mixed Infection in Hematologic Patient with COVID-19 Complications: An Unfortunate Combination.
Academic Article Attitude of Health Care Workers (HCWs) toward Patients Affected by HIV/AIDS and Drug Users: A Cross-Sectional Study.
Academic Article Expression of the OAS Gene Family Is Highly Modulated in Subjects Affected by Juvenile Dermatomyositis, Resembling an Immune Response to a dsRNA Virus Infection.
Academic Article Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention of HIV Infection among Detainees: A Review of the Literature.
Academic Article Surgical Site Infection by Corynebacterium macginleyi in a Patient with Neurofibromatosis Type 1.
Academic Article Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on HPV vaccination coverage in the general population and in PLWHs.
Academic Article Ceftazidime/Avibactam and Meropenem/Vaborbactam for the Management of Enterobacterales Infections: A Narrative Review, Clinical Considerations, and Expert Opinion.
Academic Article Outbreak of COVID-19 infection in children: fear and serenity.
Academic Article Human immunodeficiency virus type 1-infected persons with residual disease and virus reservoirs on suppressive highly active antiretroviral therapy can be stratified into relevant virologic and immunologic subgroups.
Academic Article Vitamin D deficiency in HIV infection: an underestimated and undertreated epidemic.
Academic Article High prevalence of undiagnosed anxiety symptoms among HIV-positive individuals on cART: a cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Kidney disease in HIV-infected patients.
Academic Article Induction of OAS gene family in HIV monocyte infected patients with high and low viral load.
Academic Article The role of the hospital environment in the healthcare-associated infections: a general review of the literature.
Academic Article Differences and similarities between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)-CoronaVirus (CoV) and SARS-CoV-2. Would a rose by another name smell as sweet?
Academic Article Helicobacter pylori and skin disorders: a comprehensive review of the available literature.
Academic Article Otorrhea in Kawasaki disease diagnosis complicated by an EBV infection: coincidental disease or a true association.
Academic Article Achromobacter xylosoxidans meningitis in an immunosuppressed patient.
Academic Article Late presentation of HIV infection: predictors of delayed diagnosis and survival in Eastern Sicily.
Academic Article Kaposi' s sarcoma in HIV-positive patients: the state of art in the HAART-era.
Academic Article Switching regimens in virologically suppressed HIV-1-infected patients: evidence base and rationale for integrase strand transfer inhibitor (INSTI)-containing regimens.
Academic Article Comment on safety and efficacy of oral lopinavir/ritonavir in pediatric patients with coronavirus disease: a nationwide comparative analysis.
Academic Article Pathogenesis of HIV-1 infection within bone marrow cells.
Academic Article Non-AIDS-defining cancers among HIV-infected people.
Academic Article SERPING1 mRNA overexpression in monocytes from HIV+ patients.
Academic Article OAS Gene Family Expression Is Associated with HIV-Related Neurocognitive Disorders.
Academic Article Non-AIDS defining cancers: a comprehensive update on diagnosis and management.
Academic Article Transmission mode associated with coronavirus disease 2019: a review.
Academic Article The chitinases expression is related to Simian Immunodeficiency Virus Encephalitis (SIVE) and in HIV encephalitis (HIVE).
Academic Article Lung cancer in HIV positive patients: the GICAT experience.
Academic Article Leukocyte interferon alpha early retreatment for Child A HCV genotype 1b-infected cirrhotics intolerant to pegylated interferons.
Academic Article Vitamin D3 inhibits TNFa-induced latent HIV reactivation in J-LAT cells.
Academic Article Trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole-associated severe hypoglycaemia: a sulfonylurea-like effect.
Academic Article HPV infection in HIV-positive females: the need for cervical cancer screening including HPV-DNA detection despite successful HAART.
Academic Article Eculizumab treatment in patients with COVID-19: preliminary results from real life ASL Napoli 2 Nord experience.
Academic Article Breast cancer in women living with HIV.
Academic Article COVID-19 and pregnancy: clinical outcomes and scientific evidence about vaccination.
Academic Article The unwelcome trio: HIV plus cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis.
Academic Article CD4+ T-cell gene expression of healthy donors, HIV-1 and elite controllers: Immunological chaos.
Academic Article Kaposi's sarcoma in HIV-infected patients in the era of new antiretrovirals.
Academic Article Bone disease in the setting of HIV infection: update and review of the literature.
Academic Article Asymptomatic COVID-19 infection in patients with cancer at a cancer-specialized hospital in Wuhan, China - Preliminary results.
Academic Article LPS and HIV gp120 modulate monocyte/macrophage CYP27B1 and CYP24A1 expression leading to vitamin D consumption and hypovitaminosis D in HIV-infected individuals.
Academic Article Editorial - Coronavirus disease 2019 and people living with HIV: clinical considerations.
Academic Article Statins and aspirin in the prevention of cardiovascular disease among HIV-positive patients between controversies and unmet needs: review of the literature and suggestions for a friendly use.
Academic Article Reduction of serum melatonin levels in HIV-1-infected individuals' parallel disease progression: correlation with serum interleukin-12 levels.
Academic Article Hepatitis C-related hepatocellular carcinoma: diagnostic and therapeutic management in HIV-patients.
Academic Article In the face of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak, do people suffering from oncological disease need specific attention?
Academic Article Knowledge of Sexually Transmitted Infections and HIV among People Living with HIV: Should We Be Concerned?
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