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Concept Immunotherapy
Concept Immunotherapy, Adoptive
Academic Article Use of biological therapy to enhance both virotherapy and adoptive T-cell therapy for cancer.
Academic Article What new immunotherapeutic techniques are currently being investigated for the treatment of melanoma?
Academic Article The profile of tumor antigens which can be targeted by immunotherapy depends upon the tumor's anatomical site.
Academic Article Oncolytic virus-derived type I interferon restricts CAR T cell therapy.
Academic Article Failure of immunotherapy and chemotherapy for a patient with primary choroidal melanoma.
Academic Article Oncolytic virotherapy induced CSDE1 neo-antigenesis restricts VSV replication but can be targeted by immunotherapy.
Academic Article Diverse immunotherapies can effectively treat syngeneic brainstem tumors in the absence of overt toxicity.
Academic Article Functional cloning of recurrence-specific antigens identifies molecular targets to treat tumor relapse.
Academic Article Induction of hsp70-mediated Th17 autoimmunity can be exploited as immunotherapy for metastatic prostate cancer.
Academic Article APOBEC3B-mediated corruption of the tumor cell immunopeptidome induces heteroclitic neoepitopes for cancer immunotherapy.
Academic Article Oncolytic virus-mediated expansion of dual-specific CAR T cells improves efficacy against solid tumors in mice.
Academic Article Inhibitory Receptors Induced by VSV Viroimmunotherapy Are Not Necessarily Targets for Improving Treatment Efficacy.
Academic Article Suboptimal T-cell Therapy Drives a Tumor Cell Mutator Phenotype That Promotes Escape from First-Line Treatment.
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